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The buyer got his work and he is not releasing his payment

Dear customer support, I am working here for one year and it is going very well. some days ago, one of buyer came and ask for a project which i did for him. He requested three revisions which i did for him and delivered him. During last revision, He was very happy with my work and asked for last revison which i did for him and then i am all done. After this, without any specific reason, he opened a dispute on his order. so kindly, i am requesting you to help me in this regard. i’ll be very thankful to you for this act of kindness. Thank you

Everyone on the Forum is a buyer or a seller. You will need to contact CS at for help with this issue.


Thanks for your guidance.

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You are very welcome.

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But please bare in mind that most likely support will tell you to resolve your issues with buyer and keep negotiating. Or they will offer you to cancel the order. So don’t expect much.

It’s your responsibility to negotiate with buyer and try to understand what’s wrong and why he want to cancel. And it’s also your responsibility to decline cancellation request as you delivered everything as promised. Customer support will never mark your order complete without buyer agreeing for that.


When you say he opened a dispute, do you mean he requested from you a cancellation? If so you can say no. And then you can re deliver the same thing as your final delivery, over and over as long as he uses the cancellation button.

When this happens be sure to tell customer support, briefly and give them the order number and proof of your delivery in a screen shot or some other way so they know you delivered correctly. Just keep them informed that you have a dishonest buyer. Don’t be emotional or sound angry when you message them.

Do you mean he cancelled the order? If so let customer support know you did the job as he asked and as agreed.


its a great suggestion I think @misscrystal