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The buyer has not given feedback to my gig

first of all sorry for my bad English, I received a Photoshop editing order (from level two seller of fiverr). When I finished the work, I sent it to him and he tells me it is great work. I like it, but I want some minor edits. after I finish modified work I sent him. but he is offline. After 2 days, I messaged him and said that if you do not give me modification or complete order, then orders will be automatically completed so please see my work and give me modification if you want. but he is steel offline. and order complete automatic. after one day he is message me and said that ‘‘Hi, sorry I have been busy. These are great, thank you. can you send me original files as well as please’’ so I reply him and send him source file and I also tell him about feedback on my gig. but he didn’t give feedback on my gig. even he is online. I tell him once again because I am a new seller and review is important for me. but he still isn’t giving me feedback. and that guy also level two seller of fiverr. so what can I do? should I ask him once again for review?

@kandhalkeshvala you don’t force him for review it is common case, anothe thing is fiverr not alow to asking review


Asking for reviews could get your account a warning.


yes thank you. in worked hard so i asked. thank you

It is against Fiverr TOS to ask for review. It is the buyers choice whether r not to leave a review you cannot force a buyer to leave a review. If you continue you just might be in trouble with Fiverr.

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ok thank you for you reply.

You may now receive an account warning. It depends on what your message said.

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thank you for your reply. I haven’t got any warning yet, its been 2 days.

Now, you know, so you should be okay.

thank you sir for help.

You are welcome, Mam. :wink:


Hey my friend, you have to understand that sometimes buyers just don’t wish it leave a review. It’s just personal reasons. And it will start to become impolite if you keep on bothering. Even for me I’m only around 70% rated orders with 600+ completed orders. You have to understand it is part of the game. Don’t force it. Move on.


Especially buyers who are sellers themselves in the same niche as you, tend to not want to leave reviews for obvious reasons.

But for whatever reason a buyer decides to not leave a review, as others have already said, they aren’t obliged to, and it’s best to not ask for reviews. They know they can review, especially if they are a seller themselves, so if they don’t review, it means they don’t want to review. So, if you press the matter, you might get in trouble with Fiverr, and/or they might decide to not order from you again.

Being a seller myself and knowing how important reviews are for sellers, I review all my purchases here (but I don’t buy within my own category, as I said, buyers who e.g. buy logos and sell logos themselves might be much more reluctant to review).

However, I don’t like being pushed to anything, and in one case where a seller was being pushy about a review (actually while I was just writing it!), I’ll not buy from them again even if I might have otherwise. And since I don’t think I’m that special, I assume there are many buyers who won’t, so, no, don’t ask for reviews, especially not “once again”. :slight_smile:


The thing you’ve done is something violates terms of service. you should not ask your buyers to write you a review. They have to do it by their own. If they prefer not to leave you a review, They will not. that is what it is. again you should NOT ask your buyers to leave you a review.

You can’t demand a review from buyer

thank you very much sir.

thank you very much mam.

That’s harrassment. No one owes you a review.

Read the ToS.