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The Buyer : in the eye of a new Seller

Well,although i’m new here but i’m happy with Fiverr as i have got some pretty awesome Buyer within a very short time and i’m considering myself lucky for that. Thing is , when a new seller like me, come to this marketplace with a high vision,he is too much focused on a flying starting. Without help of a Buyer,its totally impossible. So a new Seller always watchful to all of his Buyer’s demand with his fresh ideas.
But the fact is, very often the Buyer would like to go through a conventional way, in which that Seller may not be 100% professional. In that case,there is a lot of chance to occur a miss understanding between the Buyer and the Seller.
In this situation,the largest amount of pressure goes on that new seller as he has no other option but complete that task which is badly need for his carrier. So as i believe,that Seller will give his maximum effort to make this thing right at that situation. Point to be noted that ,the Seller whom i talking about , is definitely qualified as he got the job from the Buyer. So all he need,is a little bit co-operation from his Buyer.
In one of my project,while i talked to my Buyer about the delivery time,he was agreed to give me 3 days as
i wanted.But for an unavoidable reason, i was badly need of an additional day to complete the task. I could have done that job within the time,but i have to negotiate with the quality of my work which won’t be good both for me and my Buyer.I sheared the situation with my Buyer and he didn’t grumble for that . He just gave me that additional time and said, "No problem at all , take your time :slight_smile: ".I can’t explain how much happy i was by seeing that text. I thought myself if he asked for a service without paying, i would like to say"No problem at all,just ask how can i assist you :slight_smile: " Well , i definitely will remember that smiley (lol) which encouraged me a lot to do something special for my Buyer. Here i am, have already done two successful project and planning for the next one for him.
I believe the whole story could be different if he wasn’t kind and flexible enough.Every seller expect this kind of support from his Buyer, but for a new seller , its in different level. Because to him , such kind of Buyer is not only a source of income but also the foundation of his/her carrier.
I know that Buyers are too much busy and have a little chance to give this kind of support to the New Seller and it seems waste of time in a sense too.But in the long run,there is a huge opportunity to get benefit form this kind of investment . Because, Do something just for money and Do something from heart with joy is totally different thing. :slight_smile:


:grin:Im a seller but I also a buyer too, when I need something I want from other seller. So I got “buyer thinking”


That’s cool . Do you think its too much difficult to handle a new seller ? @lilychinadancer

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When i choice a seller , sometimes I will use a new seller ,because i think he/she is not too busy this time ,and maybe can spend a good time to work for me well and with a good price , im a poor buyer ,lol …also if he /she 's words can move me, i will use his/her work too . sorry for my poor english , i don’t even know how to describe well my idea about this in English :stuck_out_tongue:


You think a little differently about new sellars. It’s fun.



Nice answer about new seller.


I appreciate your thinking. :clap::clap:


I think you’ve got a good approach and outlook. You should go far.


Nice comments and agreed with you.


good new for new seller


I really liked your thoughts about new sellers, the fact that they are happy to cooperate and especially try for their first buyers, since the whole further path depends on them, one might say.

Greetings! I myself am also a new seller and indeed new sellers have a great desire to please and satisfy the customer’s desire, but alas, it is very difficult for new sellers to get their first orders

This is just awesome information.

As a new seller, I think it would be the best news if all buyers had the same thinking as you! :slightly_smiling_face:


That’s a great diction. I am a new seller. I flowing this tropic.