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The buyer is asking for revisions but has nothing to revise also not replying to me.. what to do?

I have a client, he gave me to order, I completed it on time, then after hours later he came and ask for revision but did not tell me what to revise. and he often comes online many time but he doesn’t reply. what to do in this situation.please help me. I am going great but this order will give a negative impact. what should I do what is the best way to get out of this. the buyer is not responding should I contact customer support and I am sure they will do nothing.

Its a bugger when they do that. Once I waited so long for a response I just had to send an unfinished job. I did say that I will honour any revisions when they decide to get back in touch but they never did.

sad to hear that ! What to do in such cases.

same here bro its my first order and buyer ask me about revisions more and more but im trying to satisfy no other option

In your case at least buyer is replying. but my buyer is not responding.