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The buyer is asking me of extra work that I'm not even capable of

Hello everyone, I won’t make this too long.

I had an issue with a buyer, we agreed on making him a page design then he placed the order and when I finished my work they said that they like it but they want me to upload it online, I did the extra work. After that, an issue happened with them in the databases which is not my fault and they are asking me to fix it, I have no clue how to do so, plus I have already finished the work and done extra work also. Now they are asking to cancel the order.

I don’t want to cancel the order and also don’t want them to leave a review as I know the will leave 1 star review. Can anyone guide me what to do here ?


Incase like this, you should remind the first agreement.
That as per agreement in the first place, you only help them with the design.
Other than that it is not your responsibilty.

If their database working fine, but got a problem after you upload it yourself…, then ofcourse they think it’s your fault right?

If your buyer still want to cancel, then it’s up to you…,
I don’t think Fiverr CS can help you as your buyer will stand from their point that you aren’t able to provide full service.

Still it will be a good experience for you.
Next time…, when you accept web/landing page design, remember to mention about the upload process…, whether or not you capable help buyer with this matter. It’s better to take more cautions steps than got a unwanted problem.


Thank you very much, that was really helpful. So you think CS won’t help me with this matter even, but it is unfair for me now, I have to choose between loosing the money or getting a bad review after doing the work. What do you advice me in case like this ?

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Soo this really happens?
If that is true, then you should took responsibility here.
Never do something you unsure for your client. Be honest with them before doing a favor from them.

For what todo:

  1. Accept cancelation = you lose money, maintain 5 star rate…, keep more order comming.
  2. Reject cancelation = you got your money, lose 5 star rate – less order for you.
    (if after losing your rating still 4.8 , then it’s still ok, below that, i don’t think you can get more order easier as before…,)

Yes it does happen, they think it is my fault. It is like you are a photo editor, they used a black and white printer and they are blaming you for it not being colored. I think I will see what CS say about this but most likely I will agree on cancellation if they don’t help me.

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Thank you very much by the way

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I heard that cancellation affects the ranking, will this cancellation hurt ?

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It depend on yourself and your performance.
Personally i think that 5 star rate is much more important than cancelation rate.
Buyer usually using 5 star rating as filter to look for seller. Rarely their see the cancelation rate.
Unless ofcourse if your cancelation rate is lower than 90%, it will very bad. You will be demoted.


I don’t agree with this. The seller doesn’t offer this as a service. If they provide screenshots and explain that this is simply not a service they offer, nor something they know how to do, I believe strongly that CS will help them.

At the very least, I would explain to the buyer that you are waiting to hear back from CS. Just keep in mind the wait time is up to 10 days at the moment. But if you want to cancel, having CS do it for you will save you the hit to your completion rate.

Typically I would just say take the hit to your completion rate and move on, but this buyer is 100% in the wrong in my opinion and I would not want to cancel just to make them happy.


Thank you so much for taking time and responding to this, I was really waiting for someone to say this. Can you take a look at those screenshots, don’t worry I have removed the buyer name

Let me know what you think.

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OK, full disclosure I know nothing about web design etc. so I’m not 100% sure what all of that means, but if I understand correctly, you asked them to clarify that they had already handled the database (meaning that was not something YOU would be working on) and they said “yes, exactly” - and are now claiming that you should have said you couldn’t work on the database… which you did.

This is exactly the screenshot I would share with CS. The buyer is extremely cheeky for demanding a refund for the measly $15 they paid you to do exactly what you said you would/could. Based on the screenshot you shared, you should absolutely escalate this.

You are probably not going to get paid for this project, I’m sorry to say - but it is absolutely worth escalating so that you don’t have to tank your completion rating simply because this buyer decided they wanted you to do additional work which was clearly not outlined in the initial scope of the order.


Thank you so much I really appreciate it, I will do so and I hope for the best.
What I really want from CS is to mark the project as done, I get my money and not allow the buyer to leave a review as this is the fair solution, do you think they can do that ? I think not.

Anyway thank you again and take care, by the way your voiceover is really professional.


Sorry, no - if the buyer pays you, they will be entitled to leave a review, too. The only way to avoid a review is to have the order cancelled.

For $15, I would say the cancellation is preferred, but that’s just my personal experience/opinion. A lot of sellers would argue it’s better to get paid for work that you did… I guess it all depends on the hours put in and your own personal preference.

Thank you so much! :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:


Thank you, you really helped a lot.

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Hey, keep us updated! Hope it works out in your favor. Remember whatever happens, it probably won’t be the end of the world. I know it’s really rough when you’re just starting out and you have a bad experience with a buyer, but they’re the outliers. Hopefully you have some other prospects coming your way soon and you’ll soon forget about this bozo B-)


Yeah I’m not upset about the 15$ it is no big deal, but the fact that they will use my code now and I can’t do anything about it sucks. But at least I had an experience.

Yeah sure, will let you what happens, take care for now


I would like to update you. I have contacted CS, unfortunately they cancelled the order and refunded the buyer but it did not affect my completion rate at least.

It feels bad that there is nothing can protect us sellers from buyers like that, I mean why do I have to work for him for free, it’s a shame on Fiverr.

Anyway thank you very much you have been very helpful in this situation.

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