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The buyer is not paying

Hi, the buyer has placed an order for $25 without asking me. And in the requirements section, he said he needs 12 screens. The gig he has purchased clearly states that I charge $5/SCREEN. I told him that whatever he has paid is too less but he did not respond. As it’s my duty not to disappoint any buyers, I designed 17 SCREENS and sent him.

Mind you, I charge $5/Screen
but he asked 12 screens for $25
and I delivered him 17screens

Now he is demanding more. He says he needs another 9 screens. That is in total 26 screens for just $25? When I say so, he does not respond to my messages. I do not want to work on this as I am getting paid too less. Even though I did, because as a seller it’s my duty not to disappoint him, but he is going beyond his limits now!

Now if I cancel the order, my order completion rating will go down and my badge will be taken away. I have worked for day and night to get that “Level Two” badge! Isn’t that unfair? Please help me what am I supposed to do now!


Contact CS and send him order id, and problem

I did. They are suggesting to work on it. But is it fair enough to work for that less?

Don’t just tell that buyer that they have paid less than they should have; it doesn’t make it clear what they’re supposed to do. Send them a custom extra for the amount that would cover the additional costs.

There’s no guarantee that they’re going to pay it, but it does work with some buyers.


when I say so, he does not respond to my messages. he gets vanished and come back only when I deliver him just to check if I have designed as per his expectation. again he does not respond even when I ask him about the project!
thanks for the reply. i will try this method.
thank you so much @catwriter :slight_smile:

Never even start an order when the buyer asks you for more than what you offer but without extra payment until you’ve made a resolution to add-on to the order and the buyer has accepted it.

He asked you because he knew he could scam you. And he did. Give an ultimatum before you start working on the order: an order add-on for the extra work or a cancellation. If the buyer refuses to accept the cancellation, you need to contact to CS and ask them to cancel it for you.

Never, ever, ever start an order when the buyer wants more than what he paid for. Ever. Unless/until you made a resolution to add on the extra work and the buyer has accepted this resolution to your order, you are not entitled to extra money for it. This is how contracts work.

You’re clearly desperate for the work and that clouded your judgment. You really need to think more critically and start protecting yourself.


I often get people paying for the minimum word count despite their scripts being much longer.

A CS rep once advised me to just record what they had paid for.

I can see the logic - but can’t see how that wouldn’t just inflame the situation.

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Thank you so much for your advice. I will definitely take this into consideration. :slight_smile:

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Yeah true! I don’t understand why they do that even when our gigs clearly states about the pricing.

Don’t take it under consideration. Just do it.

What you did is a breach of ToS. It not only guarantees that you won’t get your money, but you actually broke the rules.


I am so sorry. But what if they deny to pay extra? Or if they deny to accept the add-on?

Well, I had same situations before (thanks God it happened quite rarely) and I’ve made my own style of work with such clients. :slight_smile:

As an artist, I have 3 price tiers: portrait, halfbody and fullbody. When the buyer pays for the portrait and demands a fullbody, I tell them that it’s another price tier and they should add some extra $ to get what they want OR I can draw juuuust a little more within paid price range. For example - if it’s the portrait, I will draw the bust. If that’s halfbody - I will draw not from waist up, but from thighs up. It takes like 30-60 minutes more for me, but the customers are still happy, since they got some “free stuff”.

And, well, if the client still demanding - it’s better to cancel the order at the very beginning and never ever work with this client again. Cancellations may hurt our ratings for 60 days, but our nerve cells usually do not regenerate - not in 60, nor in 600 days.

So, if they paid $25 for 12 screens and you charge 5 per screen, you really had to tell the customer that they paid only for 5 screens. If they want to get all 12 screens done, they should add some extra , but if their budget is $25 only - you totally understand that and you will do 5 + 1-2 bonus screens for them. If the customers are nice, but mistaken - they will accept higher price or will be grateful for some extra stuff within paid price range (but never offer too much! Just something small!). If they are scam buyers - just cancel the order and don’t start working with them.

I hope you will overcome this situation and your further experiences will be positive!


Thank you so much @queenmercedes. I will follow this thing from next time if i ever come across this situation.

That’s why you give them the ultimatum: they either accept the order as-is or they accept the add-on resolution for the work they want.

If they say no and won’t accept your order, you can try contacting CS, but I doubt they would help you because you broke the ToS. This is why you never, ever start work on an order that differs from what the buyer wants from you. Don’t do ANY work on it it until you’ve resolved the issue. Personally, I would just cancel the order as soon as the buyer goes out of scope like that. Those people are pure scammers and may get away with exploiting you. They also cause unnecessary stress and waste your time. It’s not worth doing just to try to get the order and avoid an impact on your ratings.

Never exploit yourself just to land a sale or try to avoid lowering your completion rate. Scammers prey on that.

How did i broke the rules? He placed an order without my knowledge without even discussing it with me.

If i were you i will contact customer suppoert, if they don’t back you i will just cancell the order. And if you have a proof that the customer is using your works, you can contact customer service and let them know, they will return the money to you and they may solve the ranking issue as well.

You broke the rules by complying with the extra work he asked for that wasn’t part of the order.

I didn’t say you broke the rules by receiving a sketchy order. You broke them by complying with it.

Learn from your mistake and move on.


i did contact them before posting it here. they said i need to work towards completing the order as it would affect my order completion rate

okay! i get it now. thank you so much @humanissocial :slight_smile:

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That’s ridiculous, we would get HORID reviews!! CS is useless sometimes :frowning:

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