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The buyer is not paying

:frowning: so i raised a dispute for order cancellation.

I think this is the right decision. At-list you are saving your 5 stars. And who knows, he might demand more and more if you continue working and even after that there is no guarantee of good review. So, cheers for today’s experience :clinking_glasses: .

Move on…

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Haha. Yes definitely… :grinning:

That’s awful. If I were in your position and a client is being dishonest and greedy , then i would count anything additional after the first deliver either as a loss as with all businesses or I could, to make up for my time and for the sake of my badge, would continue, complete the order, through gritted teeth if necessary, then never work with them again even if they place an order in the future.

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you have had excellent advice by other experienced sellers already.

What I will add is that since most buyers are reasonable and kind (at least by my experience) hopefully you will not experience a worse situation than this one in the future. So, that can be considered “good news”. The possibly worst has happened, now that you have learned to be careful and protect yourself you can enjoy happy cooperations with your next buyers :slight_smile:

Maybe to check your gig-description (if it is totally clear about what you do and what you don’t do) and your FAQ explanations (so buyers can know exactly what you do and what you don’t do prior to ordering) can help you avoid trouble in the future.

Some sellers add in their gig-description “message me prior to ordering”. But when you have lots of orders to complete in one day that would be a problem. It depends on the volume of your daily orders if that can really help you.

all the best!


Thank you everyone for your excellent advices. I initiated order cancellation. And he did :slight_smile: my order completion rate did went down. But that’s fine, as @patilharidas said, i saved my 5 star ratings for future :slight_smile:

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Thank you so much … Its really helpful for me too as I am also new here …

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Buyer ask for 12 screens , why you gave 17. This is mistake.

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Yeah. Now i realised that!

I think you should do as buyer need ( as possible), If you go for cancel buyer will get money and work both.

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you should not deliver 17 when he ask you for 25.