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The buyer is not responding if a seller cancel an order

The buyer is not responding if a seller cancel an order, for this reason, is it will affect the seller account in Fiverr? :confused:


of course…it will affect the seller account

Send time extension requrest,when he will online you ask him to approve it

The buyer not online for a long period and she didn’t send all the requirements to complete the order. Now time extension request also not available for this order in this condition what can i do ?

u can contact with fiverr support…

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Is your order already considered LATE?

Also, you mention that the buyer did not submit the requirements you need for the Gig. Do you have a requirements page that the buyer has to fill out before the order clock starts ticking? If not, you should go fill that out so that you do not find yourself in this predicament again.

And, yes, cancelling an order will affect your account. It will lower your completed orders stats. If you are LATE on this Gig that can also affect your on time delivery stats.


its means your order is not started, if he did not fill the requirement