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The Buyer is requesting me for the refund how should I do?

This was my 5$ order and I was very close to completed the order and I received this msg from the buyer:

"Hi Amol

Due to some unavoidable circumstances, I am not able to honor my gig order to you. Can you please accept to refund my milestone escrow? If you have done some work I can send you some partial payment if u can send me ur UPI payment phone no like google etc? "

What should I do so that I don’t loose the rating!

Partial payment from 5$?!?

I understand that situation in your country is bad, in every country we have covid issues and unemployment but this is really starting to be lower and lower every day.

Did you do the work as per description?

But what is the point… if you demand your money and he has already decided not to give you, he will leave you negative review and then what…

I can’t believe people are asking refunds on 5$ orders.

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The above is against the Terms of Service and will risk your account!

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Of course they do.

Some of them are unhappy and they believe that they deserve the money back.

Others are pure scammers. But I can confirm there are lots of people asking for $5 order refunds.


You haven’t delivered anything yet, I’m assuming? If not, the safest option would be to refund. It’s a small order, the buyer didn’t get any of your work yet. You can’t insist on delivering something they no longer need. It’s unfortunate but it happens.

If there was a delivery made at any point and the buyer has some (or all) the files, revised or not, I’d tell them that I was sorry about “some” of their circumstances but the work was done already done, the time was spent and they had the files. Then I’d decline any cancellation requests they send.