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The Buyer keep requesting for modification?! what should I do?

Hi There,
I have an annoying buyer which after receiving the whole order, is not fully satisfied(?) and wants his money back and I think that’s his trick to make producers provide his order and then not to pay.
anyhow, I delivered his order after 10 days working hard on it and obviously, I don’t want to refund him after all my work. He said he wants a full refund and because of that, keeps pressing the modification button.
what can I do now?

Thanks experts in advance.


try to contact fiverr cs

You should cancel, you can’t risk a bad review as you only got 5 5* reviews which are not enough to absorb the bad one.

Getting a bad review right now, will put you in big trouble, while cancelling won’t affect you as you’re unleved.


if I cancel it can’t he leave a feed anymore?

If you cancel, he can’t leave feedback.


May I add to vickies comment that, if your buyer doesn’t accept cancelation, please contact CS asking them to cancel the order for you.

This will guarantee order cancelation and the buyer being unable to review.

well he wishes to accept the cancellation. i didn’t want it

Then, just go for it, it’s your best choice and as vickie said, he can`t leave a review once the order is canceled.

but what about the 300$ I worked for?

You may contact CS telling them about all this and ask them to look into the buyer’s behaviour or report this buyer directly through the “report” button that shows in his/her profile. Once pressed, a window will pop up with options for you to choose.

Other than that, you must consider cancelations as “occupational hazards”, every business have them. It’s not the optimal situation but it is a reality and that can’t be changed.

In its accounting, every business has - or should have - what is known as “uncollectible accounts”, which is the portion in accounts receivable that you do not expect to collect from customers as they virtually have no chance of being paid. This includes fraud.

What exactly is your Buyer not happy with? Use your skills to salvage the order, I mean is it a minor or major modification? Are you willing to do it?

If you completed the gig as per your gig description why should you cancel? You shouldn’t, you deserve to get paid. I just don’t like the idea of cxling because a Buyer moans.

The abuse of the modification button is annoying as hell. Try communicating with your Buyer ask him/her why he/she is dissatisfied with the order.


Agreed - why do all that work for nothing?

Why? It may be that way on Fiverr, but I’ve never come across a culture like it anywhere else, or if there is, it isn’t as obvious.


Nika, Mercia, he hasn’t got enough reviews - only 5 - to risk a bad one. If he gets 1 bad, he’ll be going into big trouble.

This is why I asked the OP if he would be willing to offer a modification. A cxl will hurt him, too. So, if I were in his :mans_shoe::mans_shoe: shoes. I’d attempt to complete the modification if it’s a minor thing.

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Every business that has to deal with costumers and has accounting, takes into account this risk. In Spanish is called “Cuentas Incobrables”.

Freelancing is business and as such, every freelancer should take that risk also into account.

Cancelation won’t hurt him as he’s unleved, he would only be risking promotion. Regarding modifications, he said the buyer is an unlimited modificattion requester.

There shouldn’t be a risk when the work is being done through a third party platform who’s taking 20%. The customer orders, the sellers deliver what the buyer wanted - job done.

I could understand the risk more if sellers were working from their own websites, but as Fiverr should be acting as an intermediary to earn their 20%, there shouldn’t be any risk to either party at all…


So, the question to is he willing to risk a promotion? Him being an unleveled Seller doesn’t mean he should swallow a cxl :pill: just because he’s new.

From what I’ve read @adrian_music opposes cxling and I don’t blame him.

Well, I guess it all boils down to…

Throwing in the towel or salvaging the order; while remaining professional & cordial with the Buyer.

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I agree with you but the truth is that Fiverr is not acting as a shelter for sellers when it comes to cancelations and chargebacks :worried:

I was just explaining how this works on the accounting of any business, including freelancing, and if we start seeing it this way, it could be less stressful for everyone of us.


That surely would give the message out to sellers that it’s okay to do work and not get paid? Come to Fiverr, do all this work, but be prepared not to get paid for it - not very inviting! :wink: