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The buyer left 1 * and lied in the review. Need help

Community, I need your help.
I will try to briefly describe my problem:
There is a buyer for whom I made a video. He couldn’t explain what he wanted, but after several revisions, he replied on the order page “Thank u so much” and a lot of happy emoticons. The order was automatically completed, and a day later, he left me 1 * review, in which he lied that he had asked for revisions and that I had not made any edits for these revisions. But it’s not true. I made edits every time he asked for revision. A few minutes after the review, he wrote that he apologized and that this review was left by his niece. I answered him that he can contact the Support Service to resolve this issue. But he didn’t answer.
The process of working with him was extremely difficult from the beginning, because he sent me new music for more than a week, and there were several such revisions with the music, and he constantly disappeared for several days. In the end, it all lasted for almost a month.
I worked hard for several months, did my job professionally and my clients were always satisfied.
I need your advice. My rating is now 4.8. I’m confused and frustrated

I would be grateful for any help


I’m sure it’s very frustrating, but there’s not much you can do about this.

What I recommend is you respond to the review and present your side of the story. Keep it short, don’t insult the buyer and then try to move on. You’ll just have to get more orders to raise your stars.


You shouldn’t have told the buyer to contact CS. That was your mistake, and now it is likely that CS won’t help you.

What you should have done, was just contact CS and provide the screenshot of the buyer saying that the review was accidentally left by his niece.

But I don’t think that anything will be done now, and it is likely you will be warned for review manipulation.



I just replied to his message

Can I still contact CS to resolve this situation?

Yes contact the CS and send them the screenshot.

Thank you
I will write to CS now
how much time I have to respond to a customer review?
Do I need to write my side of the story under the review now?

I’ve heard stories like your before that didn’t end well when contacting CS. They actually ended up with a warning for trying to get the review changed. It’s a slippery slope, so keep in mind if you take the advice from other sellers on this forum and contact CS you might be in for another headache.


I was in similar situation years ago…I did same, I asked buyer to contact CS and he did and he could repost me new reviews…But I think I was Lukcy or my buyer was good enough.

As far as you didn’t ask to change review or mention reviews first and this is the very first message buyer left to you after reviews it worth a try… Explain them you never asked or mentioned about reviews and this is what buyer initiated !

Please contact CS. Explain details. I am sure you will get a nice solution.

Thank you!

I cannot ask a client to contact CS, even if he asked for help to fix his mistake. I cannot write to the CS, because they can give a warning.
In the review, the client wrote something that is not true. In a private message, the client wrote that he wants to delete the review and that the review was not left by him
What should I do?

You’re lucky. And I am glad that your situation is resolved.


Never ask buyer about the negative feedback. Fiverr will send you warning if anything against TOS happened.

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The client first wrote to me asking how to delete the review. I just replied that he can contact the CS

I’m not telling you what course you should take, you can do whatever you decide to do in the end. I’m simply informing you of a possibility that may occur so you aren’t caught off guard.

I just read that on your profile and I don’t think it was left by his niece !
May be he kept checking Old delivery all the time and thought you are not making any changes but just after posting reviews he discover new delivery file and feel bad for that reviews…? Just a thought !

I don’t know where the truth is. But these are interesting thoughts

Please tell me how much time I have to respond to a review?

And thanks to everyone who responded to my post
I am very grateful

Don’t reply to the review. I would write to CS and show them screenshots of everything.

Yes, they don’t like it when it’s like a 3 star review, but they are much more understanding when it’s a 1 star rating.

I would take the risk, but it’s obviously your decision.

And no, it wasn’t his niece. He’s obviously lying.


if I have already replied to his review, does it make no sense to write to CS?

Like some of our friends said here. DO NOT CONTACT CS!!! Your case, if you do, will be an statement that easily fits on TOS at “Never ask buyer about the negative feedback” - period.

Wish you all the best,