The buyer not completing the order



am a grapic designer.

some days ago a buyer request for 3 orders

& I uploaded the work & sent…

after that the buyer request 1 order too.

I did all the 4 orders, but the buyer not responding to order…

Did i get my money.?


@mary_creations: After you have delivered the Order, Your Buyer may either Reject and request for Modification or Mark your Delivered work Complete. If the Buyer forget to mark the ORDER as Complete every Delivered work will be Automatically marked as COMPLETE in 3 Days.


The order is marked as complete in 3 days automatically. If the buyer chooses to rate the transaction, it is completed immediately. If you delivered and there are no issues, there is nothing left for the buyer to do. They may rate you, but there is nothing from fiverr that lets buyers know that this is how orders are completed. Yes, it’s an imperfect system and delays the 2-week wait for payment by up to an additional 3 says. You’ll get your money eventually and the buyer did not “forget”. :slight_smile: