The buyer of my GIG is not responding after getting the product delivered


In end October, I received a message from a buyer. We agreed upon work being delivered in four gigs. He will order 2 gigs and once I deliver the product, He will order the other two. I delivered the product in less than six hours of ordering. But now I haven’t heard from him till now.

I am new at Fiverr at it was my first attempt. Please help me out here about the situation.



Just to clarify.

He ordered 2 gigs by actually submitting a bona fide order?

You delivered?

He has not marked the order complete?

He marked the order complete, but has not ordered the next gig?

If he did not mark the order complete, it will auto complete within 3 days.

Sometimes buyers drop out for a bit. Family, work, other things.

Sometimes they just don’t like our work and they disappear.

As long as you got paid for the work and he didn’t leave a negative review, move on.

He may resurface or not. That’s the way it goes.

Good luck! :slight_smile:


He has not marked the order complete. Plus also did not order next two gigs.

But I guess I will get it marked complete now today as per 3 days rule :slight_smile: