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The buyer prank cancel the order

Dear, Fiverr sellers God Bless to you all. I hope this not happening to you as a seller on fiverr.
this tragedy was happen 2 days ago, my client place the first order on my gigs and two minutes later he send me cancelation request, and he said didn’t want use my service, and take wrong order. but on my mind there is no possible to make a wrong order because there are 3 steps if client want to place the order.
and my gigs are plastered on the payment form, how can a client make the wrong order, this is a ridiculous thing to me, :frowning: I do not stay silent, I immediately contacted fiverr customer service but the response is quite slow, currently I am waiting for a reply from fiverr. Hopefully, the seller friends don’t experience bad things like this.

Thank you :slight_smile:


Yep, we’ve heard it all before. Sorry to be hearing it again.

Suggest putting up your prices as if your Gig is $500 you have better buy-in and fewer direct competitors (on price at least) than at $15. This means less buyer remorse expressing as price re-shopping.



Feel very sorry to be hearing that. Please contact with Fiverr support. Hope they will help you.

Sadly it happens. I agree with you that it is not possible to ‘accidentally place an order’. This is a ridiculous excuse by the buyer.

However, what I suspect happens is that someone buys a gig, then carries on looking through the search results and sees a different gig that they feel better matches what they’re looking for. So, they cancel your order and place a new order with the other seller.

I think a lot of it is also to do with $5 gig pricing. When I stopped offering $5 gigs about four years ago, nearly all my problems disappeared.


Yes thank you very much for your suggestion, I appreciate that much :slight_smile: