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The buyer refuses to complete the order,

After two weeks of work and by mutual agreement where the buyer was satisfied, he no longer wants to finalize the order, but still requested new designs and revisions. The payment was very small, nor did he give details of what he explicitly wanted and now he says he is not happy. Still, feeling aggrieved, I wanted to solve the problem and come to a better deal that would benefit both of them, but he refuses and wants to cancel. I don’t want to waste my work time.

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Fiver records whole conversation between you both so if he is still aggressive contact customer support.Also tell buyer clearly i cant cancel i have spent my time and still he argue go for resolution .

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Dont expect others to value your work when you yourself dont. If the budget was very small, which quite didn’t meet your pricing then why did you agree upon the deal? You agreed to waste your time. Know the worth of your skills.

Did you do what was agreed?
If so, you can refuse to cancel.
In future, don’t start working on jobs that have vague details. Either get more details or cancel them.

“It was so cheap” and “They gave no details” are two very common complaints from sellers but both are the fault of the seller.
Don’t set your prices lower than you want, don’t work on jobs that aren’t specific.


To add to what @eoinfinnegan has said - I see you limit revisions (except on premium packages - limit them there, too!). You may point this out to your buyer and offer any further revisions for an additional fee.

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Thanks for your opinion…

Even so, that does not justify, that someone does not value your time,

The main point is that anyone can get caught up in a project if the client decides to throw away their work.
Although the agreed price is very good.
What would be the solution? in this case…?
I accept the job … but it does not depend on my ability to value myself, but on the appreciation of the client ,
knowing that there are those who are dedicated to this,

I appreciate your advice, I agree with you ,
but I was willing to comply, I’m not complaining about the fee,
I’m complaining, because even though I more than fulfilled my part, the client refuses to complete, wants to cancel.

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great advice
yet after replying buyer requests
no one requires the services