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The buyer request does not come.?

The buyer request does not come.

How do I send a buyer request?

How do I rank gig?

There are also many more types of questions. Today I will discuss points 1 and 2. I will discuss the number 3 another day in -ShaAllah. Let’s get started.

Don’t show Buyer Request?

First of all, by doing a very good analysis, you will create 6 different gigs over time. When creating a gig, there are 2 options called category & sub category. Leave the category in any one gig and go to the sub category and select OTHER option

I hope the buyer request will start from now on. With this comes another question, when does the buyer request come? There are no rules for catching obstacles. However, according to many experienced older brothers and sisters (who have been in this field for a long time) from 8 pm to 3.00 pm to 3.30 pm and from 6.00 am to 9.00 am and from 12.15 pm to 1 pm. Until 00 o’clock. Try to stay active during this time.

How to send an effective buyer request?

The buyer request came. Now you have to send the buyer request. See, getting a direct order as a new one is a very difficult thing now. So there is no substitute for a buyer request to rank gig and get more sales. There are some things to keep in mind when sending an effective buyer request.

Read the project description carefully

First of all, you have to read the buyer’s project description very well. Yes, it should be read in a very good way. If necessary, read 2-3 times. Try to better understand what the buyer wants. And write according to his needs accordingly. Then hopefully you get a knock.

Mention there name / don’t use sir, dear

Every man has his own name very dear. You will see that when someone calls you by your name, it feels good to do something unknowingly. The one you are going to work for here is not your boss. So refrain from saying sir / dear. He can make a different impression on you when you mention his name. So you can try it.

Keep your description clear & concise

After reading the buyer’s post well, you will write your offer in a very clear way. Try to talk less about yourself. Mention only the needs of the buyer. In other words, instead of I, you, us, together to write this type of words.

Mention the person and business name

I have already mentioned the name of the buyer. If you also mention the name of his business, you can get different benefits. As I am trying to explain through an example. Like someone named David and asking for a logo for his eagle fitness club! you can start like: HI DAVID. HAVE SEEN YOU ARE LOOKING FOR A PRO LOGO FOR YOUR EAGLE FITNESS, I WOULD BE GLAD TO MAKE THE DESIGN FOR YOU.

Special Offer add

You can give some special offer to the buyer. Suppose-

Unlimited revision

Free source file

Money back guarantee

100% satisfaction

Friendly communication and many more

Specify your terms clearly

You can specify how long and at what price you can do the work of the buyer.

Proofread your offer

Be sure to check that everything is OK before sending the offer. Check if there is any grammatical mistake somewhere, whether you have mentioned a Thanks at the end of the offer.

I have succeeded using this formula. Believe me, if you keep sending regular buyer requests, then you must be successful. When such a time comes, you will not get the opportunity to send buyer request.


It’s always right to cite your sources.

Offering unlimited revisions, money-back guarantees, and 100% satisfaction are unwise. They can imply you’re desperate, among other things.

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