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The Buyer Request is in a terrible mess!


I have to say I’m beginning to feel so frustrated with the Buyer Request section as the drop down list for you to choose the suitable gig from is just NOT showing the right gig to choose. Why is it so hard for Fiverr to have all gigs showing on the drop down list? I am offering the exact service the buyer is requesting and I cant select the right one. Apart from that, there are so many job requests that buyer can do outside their services offered and this mess has to be fixed soon. This is the reason why I keep going back to the old site once a while.

Are you guys having the same issue?


Yes, I’ve had the same issue and I have been trying to see if anyone here in the forum anywhere has a valid answer for this. I asked support and they told me that the buyer making the request had to put that request in the same section as your gig is placed in.

But I have experienced a number of customer request where I had a gig that was perfect for the buyer but could not load that particular gig. Very frustrating.


Reply to @pkscomix: If that is the case, some buyers request won’t be answered at all. and buyers also may mismatch their request. I am feeling that this should be fixed


Remember you cannot respond to a request if your gig is not listed in the same category as the buyer’s request. Fiverr has taken this option to prevent some sellers who are not providing that particular service to respond to those requests.


Reply to @craigscott: Thanks for your respond :slight_smile: and I am aware of this but I dont think Fiverr could solve any issues regarding this as spammers will continue to spam with irrelevant gig offers even in the current system


Reply to @jasveena:

I agree with you. Now we end up spamming buyers anyway by sending them irrelevant gigs.


Reply to @cheezees: Yeah, like when it is the worst case, we got to send them offer via different gig and just hope that they will stumble upon the relevant gig


Reply to @kjblynx:

Thank you very much for your reply and recent post on this issue. I do not normally post, but I feel that this change will severely hinder us as sellers to respond appropriately to the buyers needs, and the buyers to have the additional information, at hand, to make the best decision as to which artist will best fulfill their current request.

Prior to this change, I would always send a personal note with each offer and my orders generated from sent offers was about 10%.

I have noticed that the buyers do not always understand the category and sub category, often picking something unrelated to their request. If Fiverr could put all of our gigs in the drop down menu, it would be very helpful.

Thanks again, Dave


I am also very unhappy about this recent change. Here is what I wrote to CS:

"It used to be that when I clicked the “Send Offer” button in the buyers request area, that sent offer showed up in my inbox. That is no longer happening - is this a technical issue or was this done by design? This was a great service for the buyer, to be able to receive a personal message and examples of work the seller has done that is related to their offer. In the attached screenshot, you will see that this buyer, and there has been many others, purchased my gig because I sent a personal message detailing my expertise relating to their needs. If this was done by design, please reconsider. If this is SPAM issue - should all fiverr users be restricted because of a few that abuse this great feature?

Thank you, Dave"

This was my reply from CS:

"Hi there,

That is as intended. Only when a buyer responds to your message will you receive an inbox message from the buyer.



I found this response to be flippant, arrogant, and totally useless. I felt like a two year old being answered by a parent - the question was not really answered. My feelings and concerns, that this change was not really in the best interest of the Fiverr community as a whole, were completely ignored.

Maybe if more of the Fiverr community express their displeasure over this change, we can get this great feature restored.

I encourage everyone to contact CS and let them know your feelings regarding this issue.

Thanks, Dave


Maybe Buyer’s Requests need to have an AREA on the FORUM and open a FORUM topic.

The forum works very well.


Reply to @jasveena: That’s what I’ve done. The “appropriate” gig doesn’t show up, so I just submit it with the wrong gig and hope the buyer looks at my other gigs to see the correct one. I would really like to see customer service fix this one.


You probably already know this, but it took me a while to figure out, and it might help anyone else stumbling across this thread.

After sending a gig suggestions to a request, you will find the suggestion in your conversation history, and you will be able to message the potential buyer directly.

I’ve often had to send irrelevant gigs but always follow by explaining what I can do. Even if your gig suggestion is a perfect match, I’d strongly recommend sending a personal message with more information on how you can help, how long it will take, and what you will charge.

I’ve found buyers will almost always reply, even if it’s with a “No thanks, someone else is doing it,” as opposed to the dead silence you often get from a gig suggestion alone.


Reply to @yukihyou: Unfortunately Fiverr took the ability for Sellers to follow up like this about a week ago.

Fiverr CS: “Thank you for contacting us about this. Gig Requests are no longer managed through conversations and you won’t be able to contact your Buyer at this point. They received your offer and they can choose to contact you or order your Gig through their Request page.”


Reply to @anigrams: Ah, I had no idea since I’ve been inactive. Thanks for letting me know. For me, messaging was vital in convincing buyers. It seems as though the already difficult request system has gotten a bit worse.


Reply to @yukihyou: Agreed. I wrote a detailed response to CS explaining why it is so important for Sellers to be able to clarify what we can provide or to suggest one of our other more appropriate Gigs. They told me they are forwarding my comments to the product team for consideration.

If you or any others here in the Forum do not like this change then I would suggest you also contact CS with your concerns. Maybe if enough Sellers ask for a change they might actually listen.



Hi Folks my question is how can I find what the buyer actually wants…there must be a way of finding the whole description of the request…not just half the request.


I agree buyer request is a mess, you can’t select the right gig to offer, you can’t read the entire request description, you can’t communicate with the buyer to let them know why you apply to his request.



At the very least, THE VERY LEAST, Fiverr should allow a seller the ability to offer any of their gigs which are sub categories of a particular main Category. Furthermore they must, MUST, include the ENTIRE content of a buyer’s request.,

As far as I am concerned. the messaging system is the heart and soul of Fiverr’s ability to provide acceptable service… To cripple it like they have, with all of the issues that have arisen during my time here, will not contribute to a satisfactory experience for either buyers or sellers.

ricksper said: As far as I am concerned. the messaging system is the heart and soul of Fiverr's ability to provide acceptable service..

Couldn't agree more.... Now sellers will be able to submit a request to the buyer, but not with all the information with a follow up message. I can see a lot of buyers making bad purchases as a result and then of course.... the sellers will get all the blame for everything. I feel like the ability to not make things more clear before a buyer purchases will only enhance a lot of the communication problems on here.

anarchofighter said: Maybe Buyer's Requests need to have an AREA on the FORUM and open a FORUM topic.

The forum works very well.

Yes, I totally agree! :)