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The \\\"Buyer Request\\\" list is not updating

Hello guys ! Thanks for reading this post. I am working as a seller in “SEO Article Writing Niche”.
I really need your guidance here. The buyer request list is not updating in my profile. I can see only 7-8 buyers request and already they are more than 3 days old. I want to avail 10 buyer requests per day, that are new and fresh but how? as i can see only 4 buyers requests, even they are old and not new.
I tried and tried to trouble shoot this problem, changed my browser from chrome to firefox, but still no succees. Now what i should do? :frowning:

I see, try scrolling down and see if you spot some new one’s. Stuff like this happens to all of us. :slight_smile:

Sometimes the don’t update for a while and sometimes one niche dried up for some days. It’s normal.

Bundle of thanx for you time@fonthaunt
The problem is that its been like 5 days i have joined fiverr and my list is not updating and i have only same old 7 posts showing up for the last 5 days.

Thanks for your concern and time but the problem is that i have only 5 buyers request for the last 5 days since i have joined fiverr. I cant scroll further

Ask Customer Support!