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The Buyer Request option 50% Displayed Sellers Advertising



I think Large Fiverr Sellers Using Buyer Request Option to Get sales.
But Today I Find Real Buyer Request Many times.
Unfortunately I Can’t Find Real Buyer Requests Because Many Sellers Promote they are Service using Buyer Request Option.
Its Really Bad for New Sellers Like me.



I think you want to say “a large amount of sellers” use Buyer Request to advertise their offers.
Yes, it is indeed a problem, but Fiverr CS is already taking care of it.
It is at the time more difficult to find real request, I can just tell you that, when you found a real one, put your 100% effort in getting it. After all is also a good way to improve your skills in approaching potential buyers.


you can also block the fake requests :relaxed:


Thank you very much.
You are a good Seller and good member for Fiverr.
Thanks again for your advice.


Yes. I will do it now.
Thank you very much.