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The buyer request section is terrible! we can fix it!

Freelancing is great and Fiverr makes it easier to connect to buyers and sellers. For new sellers and people who are struggling to rank in the search, the buyer request section is essential to get that first order or get back on tracks. And when you don’t get any orders, it can be tempting to quit. The buyer request section is terrible but it can be much better and efficient by changing a few things.

We are sick of writing proposals and then not hearing anything back from them. It’s because there are way too many offers sent to buyer requests which makes it harder for the buyers to choose and may lead them to not even choosing at all. Moreover, it wastes a lot of time for both, the buyers and the sellers. The competition is very high which makes the buyers want more for less money and it makes some sellers reduce and undersell their services and it decreases the overall value or price of that service for everyone and then everyone has to decrease their prices to $5. The seller to buyer ratio is very different and there are way too many sellers on Fiverr. Sellers can get anxious and even depressed when they don’t get orders. Furthermore, buyers and sellers might turn to other sites and start working there.

Here are the necessary solution and changes to alter buyer requests significantly.

  1. Limit the number of offers that can be sent to a buyer request to 30 to 50 maximum.
  2. Decrease the number of offers a seller can send to 3 or 5 per day. Or charge a little for every sent offer.
  3. Categorize requests to be in entry-level, intermediate, and expert, and have different minimum prices for each one to avoid underselling services.
  4. Check the buyer requests and make sure it’s not spam.
  5. Make rules regarding buyer requests.
  6. Advertise Fiverr more for buyers than for sellers to have a good buyer to seller ratio.
    These are some changes which will alter the buyer request section but there might be some changes that I have not mentioned here, if you think there is one, please share it!
    Fiverr will probably not make any changes to improve the buyer request section unless we ask them to.

And we can do that together by:
1.submitting a suggestion and asking them to alter the buyer request section.
2. Liking this post or creating a new topic about the buyer request section.
3. Sharing your suggestions and opinions.

Thank you very much for being with me until here!


Everyone is complaining that Customer Support is very busy at the moment and is taking up to 10 days to respond.

Putting a link in your post to encourage adding (further suggestions) to their workload is perhaps not the best idea at the present time.

If you type “buyer requests needs to be fixed” in the search bar above there are already more than 50 topics on the subject.


If there was internet during stone age someone would post same thing about fish market being unfair…

Fiverr wants money and gets money. You not making sales doesn’t affect them one slightest bit, and all the changes you are asking take time and money to no benefit whatsoever to Fiverr.

Why would Fiverr do this?

It only benefits you, and you are just one drop in the ocean.


ouch. It’s not just me but so many people. I get sales but there is a problem solvable and relatively easy to solve. I know that Fiverr wants to make money and so do I. But it also needs to improve in order to drive more sales which then gives them more money.

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They already have more sales. Buyers are there and coming. Sellers are multiplying faster than the buyers, but that does not affect Fiverr not one single bit since the buyers are there.
So 2010 10 buyers - 5 sellers great
2015 10 buyers - 20 sellers okidoki
2020 10 buyers - 180000 sellers…

Fiverr wins. 2020 new sellers have to think of Fiverr as just a convenient side job that could bring 5-50 $ a month, maybe. A hobby. If hobby turns profitable, great. But chances are 1-10%.

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The BRs you don’t win DO sell.

You know why it’s especially hard for you to get BRs? Because there are more sellers than buyers and competition is high.

The problem is not that there aren’t enough sellers and nothing you propose changes the way competition works here.

As others have said Fiverr has no incentive to do what you propose. It’s not their problem you don’t win BRs and Fiverr isn’t a charity for making sure people get sales opportunities.

And if BRs are the only way you can make your first sales you have other problems.

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Well, this suggestion is not gonna work because probably buyer won’t get the right person to accomplish their task and they are left no option but to post another request just to get a genuine offer from sellers.

Let me tell you this; 20 of 25 first sellers who send an offer on buyers requests are mostly copy-paste proposals. So I don’t think this might work

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When I was having two gigs, I mostly see less than 10 BR a day but when I created more gigs, 10 offers aren’t quite enough for a day. So decreasing the number of offers isn’t a good idea at all.

If sellers were to be charged for sending offers. I believe some new sellers won’t get the chance to sell on fiverr because mostly, new sellers rely on BR if they would be charged for an offer and later they aren’t selected for the job how would they feel?

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The thing about Fiverr is that their business model is different to every other platform. It’s the McDonalds of freelance platforms.

You want a la carte, there are plenty of other platforms that charge both ends of the transaction before it’s even started.

Fiverr is the most popular freelance platform on the internet (that we know of). Their 2019 results are out - you can find them here:

Here’s a quote from the article:

Full Year 2019 Financial Highlights

Revenue in 2019 was $107.1 million, an increase of 42% from 2018.
Active buyers as of December 31, 2019 grew to 2.4 million, compared to 2.0 million as of December 31, 2018, an increase of 17% year over year.
Spend per buyer as of December 31, 2019 reached $170, compared to $145 as of December 31, 2018, an increase of 17% year over year.
Take rate for the year ended December 31, 2019 was 26.7%, compared to 25.7% for the year ended December 31, 2018, an increase of 100 basis points year over year.
GAAP gross margin in 2019 was 79.2%, a decrease of 10 basis points from 79.3% in 2018. Non-GAAP gross margin in 2019 was 81.0%, an increase of 20 basis points from 80.8% in 2018.
GAAP net loss in 2019 was ($33.5) million, or ($1.67) per share, compared to ($36.1) million, or ($5.42) per share, in 2018. Non-GAAP net loss in 2019 was ($16.8) million, or ($0.58) per share, compared to ($20.6) million, or ($0.89) per share, in 2018.
Adjusted EBITDA in 2019 improved to ($18.0) million, compared to ($21.0) million in 2018. Adjusted EBITDA margin was (16.8%) in 2019, an improvement of 1,100 basis points from (27.8%) in 2018.

Fiverr is doing fine without your help


That would only cause sellers with generic draft, not addressing buyer’s needs at all, to win the race. Leaving the actually good custom proposals out.

Doesn’t really change anything. Most sellers don’t even catch enough BRs to spend their 10 offers a day.

Terrible, awful practice. I’m glad Fiverr doesn’t do that and hope they never will. I know it’s not frowned upon all over the world and in many countries people are used to this, but where I live charging someone for a slim chance of getting paid eventually is still considered to be something that smells fishy.

I’d assume they already do that as much as they can. But how would you differentiate between sellers and buyers when setting a target for your promo? Anyone who sees Fiverr’s ad can be interested in buying one thing and selling something else. There’s little control over what they’ll do with their account after they find out about Fiverr. The whole system allows any of us to buy and sell at the same time at any point.

Basically you’re saying that it’s hard to get sales for some people and they might want to leave the platform. Then you suggest changes that would make sellers want to leave and still not get them any sales.
The issue is seller to buyer ratio, you mentioned that aswell. Why not let some of them leave then? No need to fix anything for that.


I get a lot of my business responding to buyers. I have good letters of introduction. I have a good semi-automated system of responding. I usually respond to the maximum of 10 per day.

I find the 10 limit very annoying.

And at the moment I have been bumped down from level 2 to level 0 because of silly cancellations so I am only offered very few buyer requests. And my gigs are very restricted. I just have to do no business for several months until my level gets up again.

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But if combined with suggestions number 2, it will make offers more valuable and sellers will give their best on each one.

What I am saying is that we can make it easier for everyone to get sales and that can be done by limiting the offers and that makes it more valuable which will make the sellers give their best and do their research before applying. Fiverr should make changes if it can improve something.