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The Buyer requesting to cancel the order

Hi there,

I started an order and worked for someone 34 days ago. He said that he needs to add some texts for his current design. (He gave me the design as an image and he needs to add the texts only). After that, I sent the whole files to him including the source files as promised. Now he is saying he could make this within 5 minutes and do a refund. So now, he has the source files, as well as if I do a refund, he has the money too. After that I said, I’ll redesign it. But I could not see him online for since 3weeks. If I canceled the order using "buyer is not responding" option, will I lose my completion rate? What should I do now? Please, anybody, help me with this.

Thank you


Simply,Review and Re-deliver.If buyer fails to come online. Within 3 days it will be automatically marked as complete .


Hello videoarticle, Thank you


Deliver and forget, buyer isn’t reponding or not coming online is not your job to think about.


Thank you vibhanshu.


I think it would not be a good idea. If buyer told you to refund then there have some reason. You cannot satisfy your buyer or buyer is a scam. So if you deliver an autocomplete after three days then what if buyer complain to CS. They can ban you.

Also one a single cancellation would not be a big hamper at all as far as I know. Best of luck

Thank you very much, I have got some idea with your answer