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The buyer requires me to do a totally new work as revision request

Hi all,
I’m really irritated about my latest buyer.
The order is about 5 days to complete, at the day 3, I have some questions to ask him, but he didn’t answer although he was online, he did answer when the due time was over.
And at the day 4, I deliver my work, he didn’t satify with this and tell me to do another one (not just revise it).
I’m ok, did another work for him and delivered on time.
But again, he required me to do another totally new work.
Do revisions include doing the new work? What is his purpose cuz I have never encountered such a client like this.


Be patient with him no other option dear.


It’s a bit late to tell them that but you can let them know that you’ve done 3x of work you’ve signed up for and the rest will need to be paid for as an extra. Then send them the extra for the amount you’re comfortable with.

Be prepared that this person might be a scammer and getting free work was their intention all along, though.


Nerve wrecking situation for every seller but after you are confirmed that it is new work. Let him know that its not revision. In case, you get pessimistic response from buyer try to make him/her understand. Moreover, try to highlight the same issue at Fiverr support and do the same as Fiverr support team suggests you. If you think, Fiverr support is in the back of buyer the go ahead with buyer’s demand :slight_smile: because buyer is king!

True. Because sometimes we have to walk on eggshells :slight_smile:

The buyer is NOT “king” and this seller does not have to bow down to the buyer IF he has done what his Gig describes. People here need to stop with this “buyer has final word” nonsense. NO. THEY. DON’T.

Unfortunately, there are some buyers here who know how to manipulate people who are either new here or are weak into doing unlimited or a multitude of revisions, and how to complain enough to get free work. Don’t fall for it!



This is very funny. Some are this…

Just say no. You can always say that it’s out of the scope of the revision and as this is a new requirement this will be the price for the new amount of work and that you were nice enough to provide him another “revisions” for free.

And he did tick a box that requirements he provided are correct and he acknowledges that all extra work might be a subject to extra charge. You can even print screen that line in small letters under his requirements.


Now, the due is over and I really want to cancel this order. So tired. Would this affect my rating if I cancel the order after the due day?

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No brother visit CS and ask them to resolve this if you will cancel this by yourself this may affect your rating. However if CS cancel your order i believe it may not effecct your rating