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The buyer says he cant find the „order completed„ button


The buyer says he cant find the „order completed„ button and now i cant receive my money for 9 days already. fiverr support isnt working please someone help already


yeah but he asked to modify the deliver, and now it is like i should still send a modifiend work, so the 3 days solution isnt good :frowning: i tried to explain him, he just didnt know how and now he isnt even responding


i guess you didnt really understand. i delivered him the first example. he didnt like it and wanted a modified work. i modified it, sent it again, he liked it but he doesnt know how to rate the order, how to finish it. i mean, i made everything what should do, i modified the work aleady and he likes it, but he didnt rate the work and finish the order. i hope this time i was clear :slight_smile:


and it have this „waiting for modified delivery„ for 9 days already, and he just isnt responding and ignores me, so the money for the work are in the middle right now because he payd them but didnt mark the order as complete and i cant receive the money