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The buyer seems to be wanting to avoid payment after receving the service

An astrology report gig was ordered by the buyer where it gave a particular date of birth, a confirmation was sought and then the astrological workings were done and report was submitted. Now the buyer says my date of birth is different so please re-work the order. What is the solution for such a situation where the buyer does not seem to have clean intentions?

If the order is still in review if the buyer is not acting accordingly, it will be best to create a mutual cancellation therefore not allowing him to leave negative feedback,

Other than that there is not much for an over demanding buyer :frowning:

  • Joe

I would also say you should cancel and save yourself the trouble. What if you do the work again and then he/she (again) tell you that if was another wrong date? That buyer could keep on like that.

was the difference in date due to the weird away Americans list their dates (i.e. MM/DD/YY) compared to the rest of the world which is DD/MM/YY?

Reply to @ryangillam: That’s a good point. When working with dates I would always spell it like: 11 June 2014. No confusion there.

I would politely tell him the report was for the date he submitted and if he wants one for a different date he will need to order the gig again. I would include a screenshot to him of the original order so there is no confusion.