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The buyer sent duplicated content


Hello everyone,

I have been trying to find a way to submit a complain against a buyer who deceived me terribly by sending duplicate content. I came to know that he was delivering copied content after I had ordered his four gigs. God saved me this time, I just checked his article in Copyscape few hours ago and found there he put it together by copying content from different online resources and he did it in a very clever way. He copied small chunks from different articles and made it look like one very informative piece of content. I don’t know how to reverse the orders and how to lodge a complain about this guy, he has already become level 2 seller on fiverr and I am wondering how smartly he has been playing around by delivering bad content to the buyers. To my surprise, he has received 15 plus positive reviews to the date and this was the reason for me to placed orders with him.

Please guide me how to proceed with the complain process and how to take this issue to the fiverr admin.

I’d appreciate if you could help me



You can reject order and get money back I suppose if it is not already finished deal :smiley:


If the order is not yet marked as complete reject it stating the reasons. If it is already marked as complete contact support and explain the situation to them


oh wow that is nasty to find :frowning:

Definetely contact CS and explain your situation I would say. They would have the best advice?