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The buyer sent incomplete modification request

Hi Senior sellers,

Recently, I’ve faced an issue. The buyer sent me a logo to make an intro the logo was too much low in quality but I managed to make that intro. The buyer was not satisfied with the result. Now the buyer sent modification request saying that
"Its not looking good I’ll send you a new logo."

Now what I’m facing.

-Buyer is not responding and not sending his new logo.
-Time is showing LATE
-I opened dispute to increase delivery time as buyer is not responding and not giving new logo. Buyer denied to accept the request.

Now I’ve question.
-If the buyer will not respond is there is a possibility of automatically cancelling the order from buyer or fiverr it self Leaving ONE STAR REVIEW ?

  • If not what should I do,Do I need to cancel it ? Or I should deliver again with the previous logo delivery?
  • If I open a dispute to cancel a order can buyer Leave a bad feedback As order is showing late. IT says " Buyer has two days to accept it or the order will automatically canceled" AUTOMATICALLY Cacelled means One star?

Please suggest me urgently,
Thanks for reading,

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You did the job with the logo he gave you. So, you did the job ! There is no reason for a cancellation.
Perhaps he is trying to find a better logo…

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Deliver the logo again! Don’t just leave this as late! Re deliver it.

You did the job, the buyer is not accepting the request for more time. What are you waiting for?


You made your initial delivery on time, so don’t worry about the ##LATE## thing - it’s annoying but it won’t actually do any damage.

You do actually offer unlimited revisions as part of your gig.

As you know the final intro video quality depends on the quality of the initial logo, so yes, the buyer could well be looking to find a better version - I’ve had clients to the same with me when they’ve realised it didn’t look as good as they’d hoped. Frustrating, but one of those things! :sunny:

Resend the initial delivery with a note saying something along the lines of ‘I’ll look forward to receiving your improved logo when you get it’ - then you’re not actually saying you’ll do a new intro, just that you’ll look forward to seeing the logo - you can then decide if you want to do a new delivery etc.


Thank you Respected @offlinehelpers and @misscrystal for your help and suggestions. I’ve withdrawn cancelling order dispute request.Going to redeliver it.


You’re welcome - I hope it all works out for you! :slightly_smiling_face: