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The buyer states that she didnt get any click even though she did

After the order is delivered the buyers states that she is disappointed
and she didnt get any clicks even though she did.I didnt know if she is fraud or something like that but as i tried to log back into her work to reverse my work the password of her pinterest ,tailwind account was changed.I dont know what to do


As long as you have real evidence of the clicks, you will be fine.

If the order is completed, the buyer has every right to change their password. You can’t just log into other people’s social media.

This is totally wrong! If the order is completed then you can’t just undo your work.


I thought if the client is not satisfied i could reverse and refund her

Why would you want to refund? You’ve already said that you’ve completed the job.

Once the order is complete, you must not continue to log in to another person’s accounts. That must stop.

While you might have evidence, I’m not sure I would use it if it was obtained by logging into the buyer’s accounts after delivery.

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I know but I am just concerned that the buyer might give me a bad review even though i provided more then i should .She purchased the basic plan but i treated her like a premium plan user.I provided her things that i only give to premium plan users.

I don’t want to sound unsympathetic, but situations like this often only develop because the seller lost control at an early stage.

The chances are your buyer knew exactly what they were doing >>> buy the cheapest service >>> demand extra work >>> tell you it’s bad and demand money back.

The moment a buyer shows signs of being disrespectful (wanting more work than they paid for), then you tell them they can either continue on the original agreed basis or they can purchase the additional services for an additional fee.

The contract / agreement will work in your favour - but only if you stick to it.

The buyer saw that you were weak in managing them, and therefore took full advantage of the situation - knowing that you would be terrified of poor feedback.

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Shouldn’t i be terrified of bad review? I cant even prove that i am innocent and provided more then asked in the review section.The review section is one of the only things that other buyers will see before making a purchase.I had only 3 bad clients before all of them were almost same.Because of the bad review the average rating of mine has dropped down from 5 star to 4.8.I Have completed more then 84 orders but i have less reviews .So its effecting me very badly

Never let a client manipulate you to avoid a bad review. Don’t play that game.

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Two bad moves do not make a right.

Your buyer has a right to her opinion. Even when it hurts or impacts negatively on our profile or ego. The best you can do is to reply with you own opinion on the review.

Even so you do not have a right to reverse your work after an order has been completed.