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The buyer use verbal violence and his speech is discrimination against Chinese people

I join Fiverr not long ago. All of my costumers had absolutely no communication problem with me. And they all 100% return or saying they will return to me for another project. They all very sweet costumers!

But this buyer is not the case.

  1. He told me he liked my work when I sent him part of the first draft. Then when I deliver the final. He told me he does not like it. And keep saying that my work is shit. And he threatens me if I don’t cancel his order, he will report me. When I deliver my first draft, I was upset because he was not respectful all the time, and offered him that if he would like to cancel the order. He refused it. He said he wants to continue.

  2. His speech is discriminate against Chinese people and me. Which is totally unacceptable. But I’ve done with the project. Now he is asking for a revision. I hate to work with him. But I don’t want him to get refunded. He’s trying to scam.

  3. The buyer is new to Fiverr and doesn’t have a review.

I’ve reported this issue to Fiverr, but they never return.
I am worried if I continue to do revisions for him, and what if he still able to get his refund even after the order is completed?

And I had such great experiences with other clients. Should I stop doing Fiverr?

Finally, I just wish that I can tell other designers who this is, and to avoid him as much as possible.
But unfortunately, I can’t.

Thank you for your time in reading this post =)


Any form of racism is unacceptable and Fiverr do seem to take reports of abuse very seriously. On a personal level, I’m sorry you’ve been targeted.

The screenshot is too small to read the detail, but if it clearly shows your buyer is being abusive, using threatening behaviour or racism - then I’m confident customer support will work with you.

Just be aware that people on the forums are reporting CS are taking around 10 days to acknowledge complaints at the moment.


Thank you for your reply and your time =)
If you click on the screenshot and then click on it again, it will zoom in. :blush:

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Thank you for educating me! I didn’t realise you can click on the screenshot twice to enlarge it!

In my opinion, your buyer was racist against you. I do believe Fiverr will take this seriously. As I mentioned previously, just be patient as customer support are taking far longer than usual at the moment to respond to complaints.

I hope it gets sorted for you.


You were really unlucky, but don’t let him get you down. Eventually CS will reply and defend you.


Fiverr replied me, and they are on the buyer side.
Told me that they can’t force the buyer to accept what they are not satisfied with. (I offered 6 revisions in the gig, and I did not ask them to force the buyer)

They annoyed the racism and language abuse complaint totally! =(

And I was punished by allow the client to communicate with me outside of Fiverr. I did not want to do this. The buyer said it was hard for him to explain himself since he could not quote himself. The buyer sends message one sentence by one sentence. Never organize his thoughts. So it was hard for me to understand him. That’s why I agree to let me communicate in another platform, what’s app, witch I’ve never used before. I did this for his convince. And he is the one who violent the rule. But I got punished for it.

However, the order is marked as completed while I am still making revisions to the client. I think I just have to keep doing the work for this racism guy. Otherwise he can ask Fiverr to refund him. Am I right?

Hi, Alphagev.
I’ve just updated the post. Thank you for reading my post yesterday!

They are not on buyers side, they are correct to say that they can’t force a buyer to do something.

Looks like you also wrote a lot of things in your message to CS. Where you reporting him not accepting an order, him requesting revisions? Or the abuse?
Simple short message just about racist comment would’ve done the job.

Try to reply to CS that you want to report that buyer for abusive language and attach a screenshot where he mentioned Chinese people, not the whole conversation.

As for giving you a warning for communicating outside, fiverr is correct.
No matter what reason you had you can’t take conversation out of fiverr.


Thanks for your time leaving me advice! :blush:

Firstly, I’ve never asked Fiverr to force the buyer to do anything. I asked them to take an action on the language abuse part.

And I’ve written a lot because the buyer is trying to scam and also doing language abuse. But I got what you mean.

Finally, the buyer should also get a warning for that at least, right? He was the one taking the conversation out of Fiverr. How come I was the only one who’s getting a punishmet?

First of all, I am sorry to hear about your bad experience. I have checked your gigs, and you seem to offer professional-looking products and have good description on each gig.

It is evident that this person is scamming you by either emotionally blackmailing you to cancel the gig or contesting it with CS to the same end.

They also seem to know about Fiverr rules and thus asked you to communicate elsewhere because then you will not be protected by CS - for you, yourself, have broken the rules (speaking of which, if you haven’t already, do refresh your memory with the ToS - it is pretty long indeed and took me awhile, haha).

As for the punishment to the buyer… even if CS were to ban their account, they have no review and can simply make a new account - this is one of the modus operandi, and I don’t think they care about it. It is always more damaging to the seller when an account is banned.

That aside, I hope you can highlight the racist remarks to them in your next reply and see if CS could win you your hard-earned money. I wish you the best of luck.


You don’t know if your buyer got a warning or not :wink:
Most likely they did, but it’s a confidential information that fiverr will not share with you

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Thank you so much for your kind words! :blush:
I really appreciate your comment. It’s indefinably helpful for me :blush:

And you are right about that he knows about the Fiverr rules and thus asked me to communicate elsewhere. That’s exactly what the situation is. You described it better than I did. :grinning:

I want them to ban the buyer account so he can’t ask for a refund anymore. Now the order is automatically marked as completed, while I am still making revisions for him. I’m now worried that he is gonna ask Fiverr for a refund and claiming I did not do what he was asked for.

I just went to highlight the racist remarks to them, so thanks again!

Do you mean SC when you say ToS?

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No, I meant the Terms of Service. :smiley:

Always wise to familiarize ourselves with them just in case - there are things that will get your account banned or restricted for various reasons here such as soliciting reviews, putting badges on your gig image, etc. Interesting read. :slightly_smiling_face:


You are right. I will carefully study these terms now.

Thanks again for your time! :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

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No problem, have a good day/evening! :wink:

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Thanks for the update.
Unfortunately, communicate with the buyer on WhatsApp was a huge mistake. It seems he tricked you in doing so, but as @ignareint suggested, it’ll be useful to you to read ToS again.
I don’t know if CS will ban this buyer, but I think that reporting him is all you can do for now.