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The buyer want to give me a tip :D

Need an experienced person help :slight_smile:

After a few days ago i was complete an order on Fiverr. The client did not give me any tip. Because he wants to see the result of my work. Now he is satisfied and wants to give me a tip!

Can you please tell me now what can i do??

I think that i will send him a custom offer. And he just accepts it. So I will get the tip.

Is this thinking is right??

Thanks for your time :wink:


Please share this link with them:

Unfortunately, that could result in problems for you. Far too risky.


when the buyer receives the delivery and left you with a positive feedback review then he can give you a tip and if your order is marked as completed and up to 7 days are passed then the buyer cannot give you a tip correct me if I am wrong for more about tip visit this
Thanks :slight_smile:


Why did you include the same link that @imagination7413 did?


I shared the link again because might that chat will go up and the text with a link I shared help others to understand what I am saying and what Fiverr tells us about the tip :slight_smile:

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Thanks a lot all of.

How can offer up a new order to client can cause any problem?
Sorry I don’t really understand.

Sometimes, when my buyer satisfied with my job and they want to leave any tip and either they didn’t know how to do it or the system got error for a while, I offer them to send a small offer and they agree.

Sometimes I even asked them how much they want to leave me a tip and the buyer said a number and I send that offer.

Sorry but please let me understand how can this thing could cause a problem.
Is that not legal here, if it’s happened by both seller and buyer agreement?

Thanks for the explanation.

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I am also confused about its answer.I think it is not causing a problem. Because here the buyer and seller both agree. @imagination7413 please help gain. and explain how it can be a problem??

I’m glad it’s worked out for you. The OP, however, hasn’t provided much info, and what is provided makes me cautious.

Sounds like a reseller. I’m always cautious of resellers.

Before tips were a thing, tips gigs were permitted. This was before my time, but from what I understand, once the tipping system was put in place, many/most tips gigs were removed. You can still find them on some older accounts.

I also say it’s risky, because of the ‘empty delivery’ rule in the ToS. If the OP (and you) make it very clear that a custom order is for a tip, then that reduces the risk, yes, but it doesn’t eliminate it.

There’s also the constant risk of aggressors and manipulators. I do hope this client is neither. A custom order can be reviewed.

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Thanks I understand. But what is the solution? if a buyer comes after 10-15 days and tells me he wants to give a tip then what can I do??

Should I reject the tip??

I already did the mistakes one time. Is Fiverr will punish me!

@imagination7413 please help :frowning:

At this point, the best thing to do would be to contact Customer Support. Ask Fiverr directly if in this specific case it’s alright, or if there’s another way they’d want you/your client to go about this.

Yes, I started work on Fiverr before the tip thing become a features and I see a lot of tip gig and I even made one before.

But since the tip become part of each order, I change that.
I think as long as buyer and seller agree, we can always send a custom offer.

What about the file I should send?
Usually I send the same file like I send to client (like repeating the job delivery) so it will not become an empty delivery.

But now I understand why you said it can cause a problem and yes in fact sending an empty delivery can cause a trouble sometimes.

I ever got that one because of system error.
Thanks and nice to have a different share view with you.

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Sorry, a silly question maybe.
But what is OP?

OP on most forums (not just Fiverr’s) is usually ‘Original Post’ or ‘Original Poster’.


Oh okay, forgive me for my ignorance.