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The buyer wants to open a fiverr account from me

today a buyer tell me that He needs a Fiverr account And I have to create that. my question, If I do this work then Will this work violate Fever’s rules? Thanks

You would violate Fiverr’s TOS by creating a 2nd account. 1 account per seller/buyer according to Fiverr’s TOS.


Thank you so much annai80. I don’t create the 2nd account. Just want to know.
many sellers tell me that they have 2 accounts. how? they also violate Fiverr’s TOS.

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Good on you for checking first before opening the account. You could potentially have been banned. That would have sucked.

You’re right, some sellers do claim to have multiple accounts. They’re breaking the rules, though. Usually Fiverr catches up with them eventually. Every other day on the forum we hear somebody complain because their account has been closed. Lots of these people had multiple accounts and got caught.


You are good thank you ahmwritingco
I understand that my second account should not be opened. And understand that Fiverr’s Fever Account is not right to sell.

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If you read Fiverr’s Terms of Service, you will see that both multiple accounts and selling a Fiverr account are violations that get people banned.

As for those sellers who say that they have 2 accounts, after a while, you’ll see them crying on the forum that they were banned for no reason.


This is stupid. He can’t be a buyer without having a Fiverr account in the first place.


Maybe he was banned and that’s why he’s asking the OP, through somebody else, to open an account for him.

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