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The buyer was able to leave a review even after the mutual cancellation!

So I was working on one of the client project . I delivered him the renders and he asked for the revision and told me that he was really not satisfied and want refund.

So I send him the refund request and the order was mutually cancelled.But after 5 minutes I received a notification that buyer have left a 2 star review .

How is it even possible ?? That after the order was mutually cancelled the buyer was able to leave a review.

Have anyone else experience this ? I have contacted customer support let see what they say.

What may have happened is that he left the review just before it cancelled and you didn’t realize it.

The notification about it was slightly delayed.


The order was never delivered how come he was able to left a review. It was in revision mode.

He asked for the revision and then the order was cancelled. The review is now showing up on my gig . I cannot contact the buyer nor I can open a resolution. :confused:

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I’d speak to CS if I were you.

Getting the product, a refund and being able to leave negative review - that’s a bit much! :frowning:

Hope you can get it sorted. :sunny:


Yup :frowning: I have contacted the CS.
I hope they will understand this situation .

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Apparently when you sent the request for a cancellation, it cancelled the revision mode. So you had already delivered once.

So he was able to leave the review just before accepting the cancellation request.

Cancellation requests should always be sent when there has been no delivery of an order, never afterwards for this reason.


Oh ! Never knew about this .

Thankyou for the suggestion.

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This answers why.