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The byer wants me to sign on a paper...Need your advice!

Hello. I need your advice.
I just completed my first order but after I deliver my work and complete the order, the buyer send me a paper and he wants me to sign on it. The paper includes DESCRIPTION OF SERVICES / RIGHTS OWNERSHIP / CONFIDENTIALITY and so on.

Is this normal? Does it happen often?
There is a column for my name and my address.

I um uncomfortable with this and I think at least he should have sent it before this order starts.

What do you think?? :disappointed_relieved:


I think if the order have been completed, you can ignore the buyer,
or simply copy this " Fiverr disallow sharing any personal information of seller, doing it may result in permanent ban for both accounts"


Advise your seller to read the ToS as ordering from Fiverr covers him for all of that.

An order means he has rights, ownership and confidentiality. An order IS a contract.

He obviously isn’t a competent buyer. In no business does a contract of confidentiality and ownership come after a contract is agreed to by both parties and the work has been completed and paid for.


@ze_blender3d @humanissocial Thank you guys!! Your reply was so helpful!!