The catch of offering hosting?



Why does almost nobody of the wp-designers offer hosting & domain registration combined in a package? Or is there something i am missing?



Sellers are prohibited from offering a service that extends past 30 days. Most people want to buy hosting for longer periods of time, at least 3, 6 or 12 months. Plus, buyers who did want monthly hosting would have to re-purchase it every month. For those reasons I would guess that a lot of sellers don’t want to bother with it or have tried offering annual (or other) hosting and Fiverr made them take it down.

You might find some that do list monthly hosting or violate the ToS with longer offers if you keep looking long enough, but the length issue might be why you don’t see it all over the place.


I just looked up web hosting and there are lots of them. fonthaunt makes a good point though.

It looks like they will just transfer your site to their own hosting company. So it’s the same thing only it then is off of fiverr.