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The "checkbox" results


OK guys, you know that fancy new checkbox which buyers need to tick (stating that the info they’ve provided is accurate and complete), right?

I’ve had my first experience with it: a buyer provided the info, agreed it’s accurate, I delivered, then the buyer requested a modification saying that he made a mistake (the website he’d provided was the wrong one)

I told him that he ticked that checkmark where Fiverr asked him that the info was accurate and complete, and doing a report on a different site will require an additional charge, which I’ve added using the in-order offers system. He agreed with the additional cost, so all in all that checkbox showed its results.


Great to hear it works out well for you so far! I’m kind of on the opposite end for now.

It just happened to me twice also, they were the exact same situations as yours, except for me, they ended up with a cancellation or a negative review because I didn’t deliver more than what we agreed on. I have made the advertisement post and marked the order as deliver, as the post duration expired, which means the service finished. Then I got the update saying he wants to use a different picture for the promotion instead, so I told him he will have to pay the cost again (I even offered a discount) as he agreed on the terms that everything he provided is accurate. The buyer, of course, didn’t pay it but opened a cancellation request, which I had to accept to avoid a negative review for such a non-sense reason.

The second time it happened was the same story, except it ended up with a negative review right away, instead of a cancellation or payment for the extra. I still have some hopes in this checkbox thing though, but it was a rough start.


So basically the test run did prove itself, nice to hear this works :slight_smile:

Its quite sad listening to some of the stories how clients here are pushing their luck and trying to get away with changes for free. Naturally it is similar offline, however the prices are usually steeper there too.
Trying to get additional free lunch so to speak for 10$ can make ones stomach turn inside out.