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The Cheek!

So, I have a bit of work on at the moment and I can get a bit irate if people distract me needlessly. (Now is not the best time for my neighbours to ask to borrow a cup of sugar).

Anyway, I’m responding to messages while waiting for a couple of videos to render when I get this message asking me for writing samples. I get a lot of such requests so just sent the prospective buyer a link to my portfolio. The only problem being that they immediately wrote back asking me to do a test rewriting some taglines for them. - I mean my portfolio is pretty extensive so it was clear that this person was just looking to get some free work.

However, that’s not the problem. The problem is that after replying “Sorry, no, kind regards” etc, I do an investigatory click on this persons profile only to find out that they are a level 1 marketing wizz. (Apparently).

Now really? I mean if there is honor among thieves why can’t there be just a little honor among some people on Fiverr? Especially ones just starting out?

Anyway, rant over. It really made me fizzle a bit though. The only upside is that this is actually the worst thing that happened to me today aside from my wee dog biting me in the face while we were playing on the sofa so I can’t really complain.

I would have sent taglines like “I’m lovin’ it” and “Just Do It” back. Well, something a bit more subtle than those examples, but just enough that it might slip under their radar, so when they delivered the fruits of their hard work to their buyer, there would be a high chance of being caught out.

It’s not like you have to be terrified of their review, after all :wink:

Oh, and use that ASCII trick as well. The one that hides plagiarism. In fact, I’d even then try to see who the buyer might have been and make them aware of what that guy did and let them know all about the refund button and how Customer Support would be very interested in this awful service. I might even go to Customer Support myself to highlight the woeful inadequacies of the seller, palming off obviously disguised, plagiarized nonsense derived for free.

Basically, just screw 'em over. This is all rather convoluted and time-consuming though, so perhaps just forget about it. I don’t offer any samples whatsoever unless $ is involved so I avoid this issue altogether.