The Christmas Effect Is Way To Strong This Year


So, I have pretty good off-site and on-site client base that keeps me busy at all times - except this month.

I messaged like 40 clients on Fiverr and around 15 FB clients, I got a reply back from the majority of them that they’re on Holiday and won’t be coming back till after Christmas. This naturally means January is gonna be a very busy month for me but damn is December slow. It’s only 5 days in and I can tell that this month is going to be unbearably slow.

So, how are things going for everyone? Who’s going on vacation or are you gonna be working? As for me, I think I’ll start mining for bitcoin again, I sold out my share during the early days to buy a PC (boy do I regret that).


Things are going fantastic this month so far.

Since I don’t celebrate Christmas I will be working every day as usual.


Considering the kinda gigs you have that’s to be expected :wink: Your gigs are more for fun than work. It’s good to hear at least one of us is having a good time.


Well it still may slow down over Christmas since buyers are celebrating but I don’t remember what happens over the holidays. I hope people will be buying spells to give themselves a nice present.


You ever consider doing spells as a gift?
Perhaps giving a certificate of some sort or whatever.
Buyer could give you the person’s info etc and you deliver a printable certificate and explanation or video etc.


People get them for family members all the time but that’s a nice idea. It does make extra work for me when it’s not for the buyer. Most buyers don’t tell the person they got it for.


I’m busier than ever, that’s why you don’t see me on this forum too much in recent days. Booked for the next 30 days.


Begging messages asking you to outsource hitting your inbox in 3… 2… 1…


Might wanna take @eoinfinnegan’s advice man. Hopefully, things will pick for me soon. On the same note, November was by far my best month to date.


I have heard that a lot on the Forum recently.


Yeah, most people try to keep the holidays clear for vacation time which is probably why @writer99025 is packed for the month.


To be fair, I am busy in Dec because most of my orders were made in November - have a 29-day delivery. So I will probably be free in January. But got more than $400 worth orders in first 4 days of Dec.


Last year, December was my busiest month up to that point. This year, it has been “slow,” but still better than the summer.


It’s not going slow with me, unless you compare it to November, which was absolute madness, until Thanksgiving.


I have to admit that I got a small chuckle at the idea of giving spells as a Christmas gift. Sort of like sending the Omaha Steaks bacon sampler as a Ramadan gift. :grinning:


@newsmike Dude, are you fire? Cause that was one dope burn. @selfors same, managed to make twice of what was my previous highest.


Nah, just good natured fun. @misscrystal knows I am a fan.


Totally, didn’t mean it that way. I think we can all agree that we respect what each of us does.

I meant this :3


Busyest month in 2017 for me. 2 Buyer already booked my schedule for mid-December.
Anyway, bit coin mining is legal in Pakistan? I wish to manage some extra cash by mining Bitcoin . Wired thing is that its banned in Bangladesh :grimacing:


There are no borders, no laws and definitely nothing banned on the internet. Whether it’s legal here or not, I genuinely couldn’t care less.