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The client does not want to pay for the work performed

The client wants to avoid payment, referring to the poor quality of the video. As proof, he sends screenshots from the iPhone in a very poor quality. Many times I have explained to the client that his screenshots are made during the online viewing. To see the actual quality of the work you need to download the file and run only the downloaded file. The client says that he downloaded this file on the iPad and laptop, and that everywhere it is of the same quality. The client refuses to submit screenshots made on his laptop. To prove the good quality of my work, I also posted a video on Youtube, where you can see a very good quality. However, the client does not want any proof from me. He simply ignores all my questions and suggestions and demands his money back. What am I to do?

That is up to you to decide. You can simply tell him that you are not giving him the money back as the work has been done well.
He may leave a bad review which you can appeal to CS to delete
You can cancel and give the money back instead.
Personally I would suggest not giving the money back but there are other sellers that will tell you to cancel so it is your decision.

Is it just a five dollar gig or is it a big order? I am one that would probably just refund his money regardless. because my good reviews are more important to me than the cost of the order. There are a few people out there you can never make happy, but they are few and far between. Most customers are honest and generous.

The more often that Sellers just cancel an order even though the work has been done and delivered, the more Buyers will try to get out of paying. Unless it is your first couple of orders I suggest people either take a bad review if it is deserved or appeal it to CS if it is unfair.

How can I not give him the money? Just do not ask for cancellation? So in fact the money is not with me … How to do it correctly? Is there on Fiverr any tool of conflict resolution?

The order cost $15, but it’s not about the money. First, the customer made an order for $ 5. When I sent him the video, he accused me that I spoilt it and demanded a refund. I was surprised, because the Video did not look so bad. For online run-through the quality was quite high. However, I offered the client to purchase extra service - Full HD. After some discussion, he agreed, but demanded that I make intro in front of the video (animated black text on a white background). Creating both videos took a long time because This project involves plugins which demand computer resources. It took 2 days for each video version (i.e. for each order). However, I managed to complete the order on time. The client began to accuse me once again that I did not do anything and that I have done everything worse (‘You’re not a professional’, etc.), and began to demand money. I showed this video to other freelancers. They all appreciated the high quality of the photos in the video … In general, I spent a lot of time and nerves on the man (he had behaved inappropriately in the correspondence, throwing accusations and reproaches to me), but if we discard emotions, I must say that I did my job with high quality and on time, so I want my money.

It is so frustrating that what he wants actually is his money back, but the video remains his. So he wants to take advantage of you. In this situation I would talk to CS and let them solve the problem.

Go to customer service, explain the situation and see what they say.

Customer Support. He abused you, and that’s against TOS.

Thank you, I just didn’t know where I can find CS. But I have already found it…