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The client left wothout paying

I worked for the client. He said that I got scammed previously so if you want to work first complete the work then send the offer request.

As it was my very first order so I thought let’s get it done. I never thought that he can leave without paying.

Like there are solutions for buyers only. Why not for sellers?

Is there anyway I can get the money?

I know it was my fault to complete the project without the offer request.

Yes, you have to follow fiverr rules to be protected. Without order in place fiverr can’t protect you.


You learned a valuable lesson here. This “buyer” if you can even call him that, since he didn’t buy anything, probably picked your profile since you are new and may not have any reviews yet. They count on newbies to not know how the system works, and also play on their eagerness to get their profile going. The psychological manipulation was telling you that they had been scammed before, and want to be sure you won’t scam them. That puts you in defense mode as a newbie here and makes you think (if you fall for it, of course) that you need to outshine that person whom the “buyer” says scammed him. I highly doubt this guy was ever scammed - in fact, they are what they are claiming others are, which is deflection. He was preying on your FOMO (fear of missing out) on making money and getting an order. He succeeded.

There are protections here and solutions, as mariashtelle1 pointed out - but, they only protect those who actually have an order placed.

Move on and never work before a “buyer” places an order.



Wot she sed ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^

Learn to spot the red flags of the scammers and other people who are just not worth working for. This something that reading this forum can help with a lot. Not in looking for lists but by just reading people’s stories.



Will keep it mind :+1:t2:

Thank you for the guidance. :cherry_blossom:

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