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The client ordered before contact with me

The client ordered before contact with me. I can not do the work, the order is canceled both in the opinion. I’m worried about whether it would be a barrier to getting a job next to me? It was my 1st order.

Such a bad luck, you got this trouble in your very 1st order. I guess you have canceled it without much delaying. Cancellation will not effect on your gig. Good Luck for next time :slight_smile: :bulb:

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Cancellation was the best course of action if you cannot do the work. Instead of getting yourself in a sticky gooey mess. I wouldn’t worry about something that you have zero control over. :butterfly:


I passed delivery time and talked to the client about the matter. But we could not come up with any solutions.

Thank you !! :grinning::grinning:

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