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The client places the order without contacting me

The client places the order without contacting me. He does not give information properly. There was a lack of information. So I could not complete the work. Two days after placing the order, he announced that he would do the work himself. Now due time is almost over. He does not respond to the message. The client stays offline. What should I do now? Should I send a cancellation request or time extend request? I don’t understand what should I do? Due time almost over. Please suggest me something right.
Thank you.


That is how Fiverr works. It makes Fiverr unique from other freelance platforms.
All you can do is cancel the order. That will affect your stats. But if you let it go late and the buyer never returns, then you will get a 1-star review.

To prevent this from happening in the future, you need to set up your gig so that the buyer’s requirements will force the buyer to answer questions about his requirements or attach the documents you need to start working.


Thanks for your valuable information.

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