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The client requested a revision, but didn't specify what they wanted

I have 3 days left to send another version of the file, but if the client doesn’t answer and my deadline expires, do I lose my money? What can I do in this case, since I can’t get in touch?

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In this situation I’ll reach out to the buyer, first with a message, explaining that I’ll need instructions if I’m going to revise the deliver, and if they don’t reply within 12 hours, I dispute the order in the resolution center, explaining that the buyer didn’t provide the instructions and that I need more time to complete the order. In the dispute, I ask for the additional time required + the instructions.

If 24 hours go by with no new instructions or reply from the buyer, I’ll initiate a cancellation of the order through the resolution center. In my request I’ll again request the needed information, explaining a few things:

  1. That the buyer still has the option of providing me with the necessary information, but if they don’t, the order will be canceled.
  2. If/when the order is canceled, the buyer no longer has the right to use the delivered material, nor do they have the right to have their delivery revised.

Internally, my procedure for this type of situation at this point is to add the buyer to my blacklist. I have two levels on this list:

  1. Be careful
    I’ll take extra caution if I ever have to work with this buyer again. A buyer ends up on this list if they have been difficult to deal with or if they are slow to communicate their needs.
  2. No-fly-list
    This list is reserved for abusive buyers, including anyone abusing the revision button. I consider asking for a revision without providing the needed instructions to be abuse. As soon as my order with this buyer is resolved, through cancellation if needed, I’ll carefully add the information I need about the buyer to the list (including information I have that will help me to uncover any unlawful usage of the materials already delivered, that they didn’t pay for because of the revision abuse and lack of instructions), and then I’ll block the buyer.

Since you have three days left, you have some time. Let the buyer know by a message that you need the instructions as soon as possible.

My procedure for dealing with this type of situation sometimes leads me to cancellations and lost revenue. Still, it also helps me identify potential problem-buyers for future reference, and it gives the buyer ample opportunity to provide me with the instructions.

I’m always polite and professional in my communications, and since I offer the buyer several chances to provide the instructions, I rarely have to cancel.

The worst thing you can do is just to deliver what you already delivered again. The buyer can leave negative reviews, or get the order canceled via CS. So I would avoid that!


But if I cancell the order, I won’t receive the payment, right? I can’t do that, I need this money… ): It’s a custom illustration

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An unresponsive Buyer is annoying. But @smashradio advice was very logical.

Yup! That’s correct, if the order is cancelled the money goes back to the Buyer. Wait and see if the Buyer responds, in your correspondence note that you’re missing the information to successfully complete the order. Always leave a paper trail!


To answer your question: you won’t automatically lose your money. First, your order will be marked as “late.” That’s bad for business.

After some time, the buyer will be able to cancel because of late delivery.

Better have your eye on the ball at all times and be active in the pursuit of the instructions you need. But remember, some people might be off work, etc. so always provide them some time between the steps taken to remind them.

If you cancel the order, you’ll lose the revenue. That’s why I recommend having your eye on the ball – be professional about it – but don’t let the buyers abuse you. Ever. It’s better to cancel the order and eat oatmeal for a week than to fall into a pattern where buyers are able to trick you into doing work for free or take away your sleep at night because you’re stressed out about revisions you can’t deliver.

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I was thinking… if I send the same file, just to avoid to be marked as late, and explain it to the client, and tell them that I will do the revision as soon as they tell me what they want… Is that a bad idea? The client was very polite to me, so maybe they can understand me?

I’m confused on what even happened.

If you’ve already delivered the files once and on time, your order won’t be late. It’s the first delivery that counts.

UNLESS your buyer has purchased an extra for another version. Did they?

Or did you send the first file via comments/messages on the order’s page, not via Deliver Now button?


I delivered the order on time (via deliver button), but the client requested a revision (without pay, or buy it upfront)
Now I have a timer on my order screen

Your order is not late if your first delivery was on time. The timer will at some point run out and it’ll change to LATE in red but it’s a display issue, a glitch. It won’t affect you since if the first delivery was made on time, your entire order is on time.


Thank you. I was worried, but you calmed me down.

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As long as you sent the original delivery before the deadline, your order is considered to be delivered “on time”, even if the revisions put you past the original deadline.

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This is against TOS and could get your account disabled.

If it is a revision you won’t be marked as late so don’t worry 'bout that.

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my first delivery was on time, few hours before marking as complete, buyer sent a revision without instruction.
My time bar started again, I had no idea about this so I requested the buyer to extend the time for revision which he accepted but without any revision instructions.
Now he is continuously off, extended time is near to expire, What should I do.
After reading the thread, I think I have made a mistake for asking an extended time. Can you guide, should I withdraw the extended time offer?

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If they already accepted it, it is not an option. As the previous answers indicate, it is the first delivery that counts, if that was on time, you have nothing to worry about.


I had someone do the same thing to me once, I waited like two weeks, and then redelivered, hence using the revision system without providing info is abusing the system. I did not hear from them since, this was about 8 months ago.