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The client runs away from responsibility for the deal

I want to tell you about my experience working on a comic project where my client wanted to cancel an order that he agreed on starting from the brief he sent me the storyboard and the character I had to follow after I finished and received the revision he only revised the part I missed and I was asked to replace design a tank which is a tank that I have to follow the shape of, obviously I refuse to redesign the tank because it is something different from the agreement I have to follow the example given and I ask to charge it he also refuses until I’m tired of explaining it, he denies and doesn’t want to know I had to redesign the tank, which we refused to agree on and he doesn’t want to reply to my chats anymore until now the project is still active until now because I refused to be despised. what do I have to report and how?


Your best bet would be to use the Resolution Center and have Fiverr mediate the problem with you.

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its not help, he desclined it

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and he tried to proof our deal that i have to redesign and there is no i have to redesign his tank just make a page of comic into anime style

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now he just run from it, he just judge my drawing when i can revision it and ignoring that he have to charge for asked me to redesign his tank and the worts thing is he called me a lier couse just my drawing not enough look like anime when i can revision it

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Here’s an idea…why not do what the Buyer wants?

That way you can get the finished job accepted, you get paid and THEN YOU BLOCK THE GUY!

Problem solved.


I saw your comic gig where you are offering 1-2 and unlimited revisions !
So if he has his revisions left to use, let him use them and give him what he wants !
I’ll have to be agree with @looseink , the easiest solution I see here is give him what he wants and complete the job.

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iam not finished it . i have already tried explain to him, i just wanted he learn what he did. couse he might be do it again for another ilustrator in future. and this is the thing it turns out he’s an illustrator and he hired me with a project he was working on. he blurted out when judging my drawings by saying like “I can draw better than this”

its custom offered and he accepted and before that we made a deal

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and he show to me his example project and he compared to my drawing for arguing to me. in the end i just typed some advise to him

I think you have little choice but to finish it and move on.

Don’t let this Buyer mess with your head and don’t let your ego get in the way.

The LOGICAL thing to do is complete the job, the Buyer will accept it, you’ll get paid.

Or, you can do it your way, fight to NOT complete the job, risk losing the money and earning a bad review.

It’s your call.

Ordinarily I would suggest canceling the order and living with the loss, but you’ve tried that.

Now you have to use logic.

If you still insist on NOT finishing the job by being stubborn, I hope you don’t do this with future “difficult” clients as it may bring a quick end to your freelance career.

I’m trying to help you here.

Good luck.

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thanks for solution i apreciated it :pray: