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The client sent me his phone number after placing an order

Hi everyone! I have an information at my requirements informing customers that is against TOS to ask or share any contact information. Clients have to agree with that information to proceed with the order, wich this client did. But then, after he placed his order he sent me a message with his phone number. This is the very first time that this is happening to me. Should I proceed with this order or it’s better to report it immediatly to CS? I’m looking for your best advice. Thank you.


Well, I wouldn’t cancel an order based on this alone. I’d simply tell them that sharing any info is against Fiverr’s terms of service, ignore their number and carry on with the order normally.


The client also ordered lots of things that didn’t pay for… So, regarding all this I’m not feeling very comfortable to work with this buyer. Besides that, I’m worried. One thing is to ask about contact information, wich is already against Fiverr TOS. Another completely different thing is to actually give a contact number and ask for a call… even after have to agree that is against TOS to ask or share any contact information to finish the order. I don’t know if I’m overeacting but this sounds very disrespectful to me.

I would say something like. " Thanks for sharing your personal number but all communitions must be done within the fiverr platform as per their request in the Term and Services "


The client was warned. His reaction was to send me a message with his phone number and then ask for a call, and additional services that he didn’t pay for… I’m not feeling it…

Hmm. That one is a very sneaky one

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I usually tell clients that want to converse off platform that I only converse through Fiverr to keep track of client conversations. Most are understanding of that and if they insist I ignore their request or cancel the order. But your buyer does sound like a massive red flag.


Yes, that’s why I’m not comfortable at all…


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I know someone who send a pdf attachment to his clients with his email and other contact info in there.

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I wouldn’t cancel based on that alone, but if there were other red flags, then by all means, cancel it!

That for me it’s a big red flag so if you can afford a cancellation I’d use it.

Good luck

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I shouldn’t have a cancelation, but I prefer a cancelation instead of having problems at my account. And for all those reasons that I stated here, I guess that I will have to cancel as I don’t feel comfortable, at all.

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Thanks everyone for your help and answers.

you just tell that to your buyer.:
in fiverr platform sending mobile number, email almost all personal information is violation of fiverr term of Service.

He was warned already. His reaction was to ask me a phone call. :woman_shrugging: