The client wants a refund after 5 months of delivery and approval


Hello guys, my name is nimzy and I wanted some advice from you guys. So I worked for one of my good clients, but then after 5 months she comes back saying that the job I did was not well done. In this case, she had already received the order, approved, and rated it. But now she tells me to do her another order to compensate the previous order or she will open a dispute :(. what is your take guys on this? please advise. Thank you beforehand.


Report to CS - 5 months is ridiculous.

That’s blackmail - please don’t put up with it.

Please note - this was the polite version, and not the one in my head. :wink:


I agree with this advice. It’s one thing to ask for a revision due to quality a few days to a week after delivery; however, it’s completely wrong to wait 5 months and try to force you into doing free work.


Don’t do this. Once a scammer like this succeeds in getting what they want you never get rid of them,

Consider responding with.


I am very sorry but I can not agree to work for you FOC. Also, as you are suggesting that I have acted inappropriately, I have already notified Fiverr of this issue. This way they can verify that your last order was fully delivered as per your then requirements.

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Then do contact CS and make them aware of the situation. This works because if lets buyers know from the start that you are not open to exploitation to begin with.


thank you for your reply @offlinehelpers. I also thought it is kind of a blackmailing approach, but I was scared that she might open a dispute and get my account in jeopardy.


Sure…I just left her messages unanswered because she seems very intimidating, and I hate arguments :sweat:


This is much helping, thank you very much I will do exactly like you’ve told me. I appreciate :relaxed: