The commission taken from sellers should decrease now!


As fiverr is now charging a 10% processing fees from there buyers they should cut down the commission fee taken by the sellers from 20 % to 10% as they are already gaining the 10% from the processing fees ! It will encourage more buyers to join fiverr and will help us to earn more !


You’re definitely not the first to gripe about this, but in a way it’s beneficial for you to have Fiverr take that standard commission fee. Fiverr provides the interface for your sale, takes care of customer support for both buyers and sellers, and doesn’t require you to pay extra every time you list a new gig (think of ebay- each listing costs x after a certain point). If Fiverr decreased the commission fee, they’d have less of a reason to support sellers and this site could flip even more toward favoring buyers. It’s hard when you see those orders come in at $4, but in my opinion it would be worse if I started earning $4.5 and had to take care of more of my own overhead, pay to have my buyer’s positive reviews listed, etc. etc. In any business, you’re going to have expenses; an 80% profit margin is still pretty darn good.


Reply to @amandygran: Yes you are right , i completely agree :slight_smile:


Reply to @kjblynx: Yeah that’s a great point there creating website would have cost a lot and would have result in no back earnings at all , I agree :slight_smile:


Reply to @amandygran: Unlike Fiverr however, eBay does NOT charge buyers a fee to buy product. I’ll never pay for the “privilege” to spend my money for a product or service above what is the selling price. That would be like a grocery store charging an entry fee just to come in and shop.