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The common "Gig active but not appearing in search" issue

Hi all, I know this is one of the common questions from new Sellers but its just bugging me for the last couple of days.
So it’s been around 3 days since I created my first gig and it all went fine, status being active and all.
I was just wondering when your gig is active but needs further review from Fiverrs side, how long can that usually take?? and should I contact Support if it stays like that for a while?

Cheers and thanks.


Please contact fiverr support


Depends on what part needs to be reviewed. Video, for example, can sometimes take longer. I had a video that was sitting in review for a few months before it was finally rejected for being too long. Your base gig is active, though, so it’s safe to market yourself to your targeted potential clients off of Fiverr.


Thanks for answering.
Thats what Im curious about since I’ve just started.
The only media uploaded are the screen snippets showcasing my work/quality I can deliver. I understand that the overall look/description of a gig has to be reviewed.
Its just not very reassuring not seeing the gig at least in the search results even though its in active status.
Im just wondering if I should just leave it be and wait out for further review or contact Support to see why does it take so long since its in active status.

Noticed you have a few tag spots open. Maybe add [highpoly] and [polygon mesh]? I don’t know this category, but those seem like possible search terms.

I had the same issue with one of my gigs that was created a couple of weeks ago. So today I decided to do something about it. Here is what I’ve done:

  1. Modified description. It was 1199 characters long, now it’s just under 1000.
  2. For some reason only 2 of search tags were listed on the gig’s page. I deleted all of them re-added. Now all of them are visible.
  3. Created a new image and uploaded it as primary image.

Now the gig is on first page for the main search term. I don’t know what caused the issue in the first place, but I am very happy now.

Try to make changes to your gig, it may help.

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I actually thought of making some changes to it and now I just went ahead and literally did what you just said and it went perfectly.
Thank you so much!


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