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The competition is fierce. Are you?


I’ve been reading some of the conversations in the forum and there are some pretty helpful people here.

But, I’ve also sensed a bit of snark from posters.

I wonder how competitive people are here.

I don’t consider myself to be a particularly competitive person. (Too narcissistic, probably. I’m in a class all my own :grin: .)

What about you?

How competitive are you?

Fiercely competitive? Cut throat? Laid back? Unbothered?


I’m a non competitive workaholic. I’m way too focused on my work to think about what others are doing.


Ahhh! Yeah, I get that.

Perhaps you compete with yourself. That is, you always want to make certain that your next task is better than your last.


Huh? I just do my work and don’t bother about anything else. That’s why I’ve got 3,000 orders in 3 years. I am not interested in other people or how they are doing.


I’m a perfectionist about my work. I don’t feel I have any competition, as far as what I offer.


Winning a snark contest on the forum does not translate into more sales on the Fiverr platform, so, it doesn’t quite matter how competitive one gets on the forum. There are no prizes for winners of debates. If anything, the forum seems more laid back than anything else. People are discussing recipes, beverages, songs and stuff.

Nah, I mostly prefer ricin.


When I first set up my gigs years ago I checked all the other sellers in the same category and tried my best to offer better samples than them. This was when Fiverr was much smaller. I guess that was the only time I was somewhat competitive, but since then I haven’t given and d@mn about other sellers. They do their stuff, I do my own thing. When I see someone offering a great looking illustration gig, I just go “oh wow, he/she’s good” and that’s it. :stuck_out_tongue:


I never compete with anyone, they are the ones that compete with me.


This is true in life, too, right?!

But, you know what I have noticed? Most…er, MANY people would starve to death in order to satisfy their ego. This is a fascinating truth.

“recipes”? Where? I love good recipes. No, don’t tell me where…I will do a search and find out where recipe discussions are.



I don’t waste my time thinking myself as a competitor. Just doing my won business :sunglasses:



Yeah, you know, everybody has something different to offer. Even if they are in the same category…everyone is different.

that’s cool. :+1:


Ooop! :wink:

You are probably an inspiration to your peers.


Competition is natural and healthy I think. But also I think it’s good to offer help to people, esp in a forum environment. No need to bring competition onto the discussion boards. What good would it do anyway?


Dang, I was going to do an “Iron Chef” 5r style. Head to head newbies vs seasoned or guys vs gals or mods vs ambassador!

There goes my fun! :pensive::pensive:

Oh, well, I guess I’ll spend my $$ on chocolates and starbucks - well, there goes the weight gain!! Geesh, a girl can’t have a little fun around here? :confounded:


I guess you have your answer, @sassyhallelujah


BTW @gina_riley2 did you still unveil your big thread for writer and DJ?


Script is in work with a 5r seller.

Then, voice over, then whiteboard or vice versa.

I’m hoping next week.

Team of three 5r seller collaboration. :grinning:


Ah see…itz a big collaboration going on.


Doing my part to keep freelancers gainfully employed! :grinning:


BTW, I think a healthy competition is good for the soul.

As humans, we are competitive by nature, at least to some degree. We compete for jobs, money, fun, etc.

When was the last time anyone played a board game and said, “Until don’t care if I win?”