The complaints towards me


Hello, I’m size17shoes. I had a logo gig owner cancel a gig on me last evening because I supposedly have 6 complaints on my logo gig orders. So, I am here to set the record straight. I cancelled those gigs for two main reasons, false advertising and lack of talent. When i make a purchase, I do not pay money for a person’s time spent on a project, I pay for the completed end result which must be to my complete satisfaction. I fill out the questionairres with plenty of examples to go by and I always let them know that I am available for communication. Sad to say, I make my own logos from time to time which gives me a working knowledge on this subject. To those who I have upset, stand by your work. Don’t go around saying this is all you get for $5. You my friends are the worst type of sellers. You shouldn’t put a price on quality design. If you advertise it, then you better provide it or you are deceiving the customer. I have also noticed that many logos that have been advertised are actually stolen from someone else. I noticed the same logo on 5 seller accounts. Recently, I had a logo gig take over 36hours on a 24 hour gig just to send me a logo stolen from the internet.


Not sure how the seller assumed that you have 6 complains against you given that there is no public compilation of buyer feedback?

As a buyer myself, I would advise you to take it easy. We all must realize that fiverr is a FUN place for EVERYONE. It is neither fragglesrocknor is any seller a representative of a registered professional trade. They are doing it for fun and given that they are doing it for just 4$, I think we could cut them some slack here. Instead of getting into petty quarrels, we should all see the bigger picture here. For example, I keep needing logos for that sites that I design for my clients. When I started looking for a provider, I had it clear in my mind that I might have to go through a few bad orders before I found the perfect provider, and when I did I stuck with him and now he is my go to guy. Sure I lost a few dollars in an attempt to find the right seller (30$ precisely) but eventually when I did find him I am having a gala time as my task gets done reliably everytime for just 5$. I might have ordered 70$ worth of logos from the guy till now which makes my cumulative spend just 100$ with 6 bad logos and 14 awesome logos. Who’s the winner now? The same would have cost me at least 50$ per logo if I had hired someone on Fragglesrock.

Realize what you are paying and don’t get stuck up in petty quarrels. If you have patience you will turn out to be the winner, on the contrary if you are going to be stingy, you will continue having the kind of experiences that you are currently having… (on a personal note, a little bit of yoga and meditation might also help)


I think I will have to chime in with my opinion.

@techlunatic, I understand what size17shoes is saying and I unfortunately do not agree with the reply to size17shoes. Yes, it is true that Fiverr is a fun place, but a lot of sellers are making a business of it and they are doing very well. Those sellers, like size17shoes said, stand by their work no matter how much it is for a single Fiverr. I do not think it is fair to say that someone is being stingy just because they expect a lot of work for only $4.00 profit. If the buyer is advertising a gig, the buyer expects it to be a business transaction and not just something that is “fun”. Even if it is some guy singing happy birthday in his underwear or a girl writing your website address on her face, the buyer expects the quality and the customer is always right.

@size17shoes: There is nothing wrong with asking the seller for some samples before you purchase. Don’t just purchase a gig, because the seller offers a service you need. Research that buyer with questions, reading feedback, and asking for samples. Otherwise, buyer beware.


I agree that the seller should definately stand by what they advertise and deliver the same quality of work or better that what is shown shown in their examples.

The fact that the seller only makes $4 dollars is irrelevent when it comes to delivering what is advertised in the listing. If the description states exactly what is included for five dollars, then that’s what the buyer should get, no matter how much work it is. On the other hand, the buyer should not expect anything more than what is listed in the description unless they have an agreement with the seller ahead of time to have extra work OR something different than what is specifically stated in the listing.

@size17shoes I don’t know how many gigs you have ordered, but if you have 6 complaints, you may want to consider communicating with the seller prior to placing your order and ask lots of questions to make sure there is a mutual understanding of EXACTLY what you want before you place your order. Hopefully you will find someone that knows exactly what you want and is able to deliver perfectly every time.