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The complexity of getting a job in a new seller

This is my suggestion or Query!
I have joined Fiverr as new seller, I am talking buyer’s don’t want to work without review. Then it is not possible to get your review without working and I also believe every seller at first everyone was new ,
at the after certain the they are collected review through work. but in the fist case no one has review.

so every buyer should work with new seller consider their skill.

Thank you

Hate to burst your bubble, but, buyers can work with whomever they want.

There are buyers who only want to work with TRS or Pro sellers - so, that leaves out the Level 2, 1 and new sellers in that pool.

There are buyers who only want to work with Level 2 and up - leaving out Level 1 and new sellers.

Then there are the buyers who are willing to work with newbies (some for nefarious reasons) which leaves out Pro, TRS, Level 2 and Level 1 sellers.

Either way, demanding:

is not necessarily reality. Buyers are free to choose whom they want to work with.


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Who, as in what clients, have told you that they would not work with you without a review?

No not their names. I just question if you have been told that directly or by self-styled yet clueless gurus of freelancing.

If you have a decently presented Gig with a solid Portfolio, anyone show doesn’t work with you either is looking for something else (incl scammery) or just doesn’t warm to you. You can’t force that.