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The Coolest Buyer

I got hired to do a $40 order, which included $10 for a trademark search. The trademark website stopped working so I told my buyer about it, gave him a different gig extra. Eventually he asked for a refund, thinking he could get the $10 back which Fiverr doesn’t allow . So I refunded the entire order.

Luckily for me, he felt guilty, he just wanted the $10 back, not the $40. So I told him to accept the $40 refund and make a $30 order so he can get the $10 and I can keep the $30. He agreed. It’s so nice that there are good buyers out there, that respect our work and the time we put into it.

i agree there are some real good buyers out there :slight_smile:

There was one instance where one of my buyer requested for a Indian Accent Voice Over in a Male Voice from one of my gig…i noticed that there was also one single female line which was to be recorded in Indian accent …

So as i already have a female partner who is a Voice talent … As a courtesy, i sent him that line (recorded by my female talent) and told him if he wants to use it he can…

He was so happy that he gave us a tip of 25 $ for a 20 Order :slight_smile:
It feels so good to deal with such clients :slight_smile:

That is amazing, I love it when things like that happen. I once got a $20 tip on a $5 order, and then the guy hire me twice more and gave me equal tips. It was for e-mails.

How i really wish Fiverr was full of such awesome Buyers :slight_smile: … And i Imagine that with such Buyers … We all become popular n rich and drove our own Rolls Royce and do only and only FIVERR … Wish this dream comes true :slight_smile:

I know what you mean, today I had to refund a $45 order. What a jerk, if you’re that stingy, why not make a $5 order? I’d rather refund $5 than $45. Of course, what can I do? If I don’t refund, I get a horrible review or he goes to customer service or goes to PayPal.

Ever heard of the book or the movie, “The Scarlett Letter”? Some buyers deserve a scarlet B or a C for Cheat.

Oh well, gotta suffer the bad ones to get the good ones. :slight_smile:

Yes Yes… i agree with you lot of Badass here too :slight_smile:

I am working here since 1 year and got many Great buyer. they just respect the work.

That’s good to know. May all your experiences be positive, and may your refunds not be greater than $5. :slight_smile:

Thank You!! My refund vary $5 to $60 . but i got tipped more then 30 time.

Tips are wonderful, any buyer can tell you they loved your work even if they don’t mean it (and I’ve had one or two that told me they didn’t mean it in a private message), but when they tip, then you know. The bigger the tip, the more they love you. :slight_smile:

Isn’t that a great story to start off the new year? Hope to see more buyers like this in the New year.

You will encounter both good and bad people on either side of the fence. In most of the cases there are good ones so do not be let down by few bad ones asking for refund after work!